6 Types of Colorists TIPS & TRICKS

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This Coloring Workshop focuses on Jennifer’s “6 Types of Colorists”–how to identify which type(s) you are; specific advice for each type; and real-time color-alongs for each type to demonstrate how to implement her advice.

Here’s what you’ll learn…


LESSON 1: The Therapeutic Colorist

Lesson 1 - the Therapeutic Colorist
  • Who is the Therapeutic Colorist?
  • Specific Advice for the Therapeutic Colorist
  • How to Therapeutically Color

LESSON 2: Therapeutic Color-Along

Therapeutic Colorist Coloring Worksheet
  • Coloring with Colored Pencils
  • Split-Complementary Color Scheme
  • Top-Right Light Source
  • Practice Art Therapy

LESSON 3: The Craftsy-Artsy Colorist

Lesson 3: Artsy-Craftsy Colorist
  • Who is the Crafsty-Artsy Colorist?
  • Specific Advice for the Craftsy-Artsy Colorist

LESSON 4: Craftsy-Artsy Color-Along

Craftsy-Artsy Colored Worksheet
  • How to Combine Several Different Art Supplies
  • Rectangle-Tetradic Color Scheme
  • Pastel Theme with Dark Accents

LESSON 5: The Artistically Injured Colorist

Lesson 5 - the Artistically Injured Colorist
  • Who is the Artistically Injured Colorist?
  • Specific Advice for the Artistically Injured Colorist

LESSON 6: Artistically Injured Color-Along

Artistically Injured Colored Worksheet
  • Alcohol Marker Coloring
  • Split-Complementary Color Scheme
  • Be Aware of Self-Talk While Coloring

LESSON 7: The Creatively Unsatisfied Colorist

Lesson 7 - the Creatively Unsatisfied Colorist
  • Who is the Creatively Unsatisfied Colorist?
  • Specific Advice for the Creatively Unsatisfied Colorist

LESSON 8: Creatively Unsatisfied Color-Along

Creatively Unsatisfied Colored Worksheet
  • Coloring on Toned Paper
  • Try a New Art Supply–Pastel Pencils
  • Analogous Color Scheme

LESSON 9: The Extroverted Colorist

Lesson 9 - the Extroverted Colorist
  • Who is the Extroverted Colorist?
  • Specific Advice for the Extroverted Colorist

LESSON 10: Extroverted Color-Along

Extroverted Colored Worksheet
  • Coloring with Mixed-Media
  • Add Bling–Metallics & Glitter!
  • Using Acrylic Ink
  • Complementary-Analogous Color Scheme

LESSON 11: The Introverted Colorist

Lesson 11 - the Introverted Colorist
  • Who is the Introverted Colorist?
  • Specific Advice for the Introverted Colorist

LESSON 12: Introverted Color-Along

Introverted Colored Worksheet
  • Gel Pen Coloring
  • Using Glycerin & Paint Brush
  • Top-Left Light Source
  • Enjoying Private Creativity