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Bliss Watercolor Paper

Bliss Watercolor Paper

90lb (146gsm) | Cold Press | Sizing | Acid Free

Cold Press Watercolor paper with Sizing to repel water and stand up to water-based media. Get beautiful blends with your watercolor paints, brushes, water-based markers, water-based colored pencils and crayons, and more! Best when paired with a laser printer.

Steve and I searched for a couple years and tested many different so called “watercolor” papers to finally find one that fit our strict specifications. We knew that we wanted a “true” watercolor paper…not just a thick, textured paper being passed off as “watercolor.” To us, a true watercolor paper meant that it had to have “sizing.”

Sizing is a special kind of coating that they put on paper that makes it somewhat waterproof–it repels water. This is used on watercolor paper so you can lay down several layers of wet media and water and not have it immediately soak into the paper.

We also wanted a paper that we could run through our laser printer. We quickly discovered that a paper like this didn’t exist. As mentioned, there were several printer papers saying they were “watercolor” paper, but none of them have sizing. They are simply thick papers with texture, which didn’t meet our needs.

After hundreds of pages of testing, we finally found a paper that we could successfully feed through and print on our laser printer. Some of the thicker watercolor papers wouldn’t work because the texture was too large–keeping the laser toner from getting down into the “valleys” of the paper. So it didn’t look good when printed on.

The paper we finally landed on was thin enough to feed through most laser printers, and the texture was just right so it looks good when printed.

We have tested this paper on inkjet printers and have found that the sizing prevents the ink from drying–makes sense, because sizing repels liquids. Some customers have reported the paper working fine if they give it enough time to dry.

However, due to the nature of the paper with sizing we cannot guarantee that the inkjet ink will not smear; therefore, use at your own risk. For this purpose, we offer no refunds on this paper.