Uplifting Coloring Pages

I have been filling my art with uplifting sayings. The new year seemed like an appropriate time to make more of these blissful coloring pages that make great motivational wall hangings. I chose these 4 sayings because they are filled with positive words that made me smile as I drew them. There is so much negativity in the world and it is becoming more important to me that the time I spend with my art is positive.

Free Butterfly Coloring Page


Hot Air Balloon Coloring Page


Rainbow Coloring Page


Bold Coloring Page



I have also been working on some really fun and beautiful Valentines coloring pages for February, so get your red and pink colors ready! I am also planning a coloring contest in February, so make sure you are following me on Facebook so you can participate.

I recently counted how many coloring pages I have on my website and I was stunned to discover I have around 170 pages now!! It is pretty cool that for just $5 you can have access to all of them! Sign up for Premium Membership now and never run out of coloring pages again.

Keep coloring everyone, and thanks for all your support.

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