The Best Paper for Printing Coloring Pages

Steve and I are frequently asked what paper we think is best for printing coloring pages. We have done hours of research and testing of many different paper types in an effort to match the right paper with the right coloring tool. We are passionate about paper and coloring, and are excited to share with you the specific papers that we have chosen for: colored pencils, markers, mixed-media, watercolor, black and tan.

This video contains short and long answers to the question: what is the best paper for coloring? We have included chapter markers to help you navigate the video and jump to the sections that you are most interested in learning about. For example, if you want to know what paper is best for colored pencils, then you can jump to the colored pencil paper section of our video.


00:00:00 – Welcome & Introduction
00:00:48 – The SHORT Answer
00:02:05 – How do you try new papers?
00:03:10 – Our New CUSTOM PAPER SAMPLER Builder!
00:05:35 – The LONG Answer
00:07:26 – EXAMPLE: Derwent Lightfast on 3 Different Papers
00:09:05 – EXAMPLE: Gel Pens on Mixed-Media & Black Papers
00:13:05 – Demonstrations of Our 6 Coloring Papers
00:15:35 – COLORED PENCIL Paper Demonstration
00:20:13 – MARKER Paper Demonstration
00:30:10 – MIXED-MEDIA Paper Demonstration
00:40:19 – WATERCOLOR Paper Demonstration
00:51:31 – BLACK Paper Demonstration
00:58:53 – TAN Paper Demonstration
01:09:13 – Demonstrations Reveal & Comparisons
01:14:11 – Home PRINTER Advice
01:17:41 – Final Thoughts & Recommendations

Custom Paper Sampler Builder

We are also excited to share with you our Custom Bliss Paper Sampler builder–where you can purchase any or all of our 6 coloring papers in small batches. This is the perfect solution when you want to try our papers before purchasing full reams.


Coloring Bliss PAPER:

Coloring Bliss SWATCH BOOKS:

Coloring Bliss COLORING BOOKS:





Colored Pencil Paper

67lb (147gsm) | Vellum Bristol | 92 Brightness | Acid Free | 8.5″x11″

Textured paper with just the right amount of “tooth” to create beautiful blends. Heavy paper that stands up to erasing, burnishing & blending media. Click Here

Colored Pencils

Marker Paper

60lb (162gsm) | Smooth Cover | 100 Brightness | Acid Free | 8.5″x11″

Thick, dense paper perfect for layering and blending. Markers glide across the smooth surface, protecting the nibs. Click Here


Mixed Media Paper

65lb (176gsm) | Smooth Cover | 96 Brightness | Acid Free | 8.5″x11″

Thick paper with a light texture–perfect for combining colored pencil, gel pen and marker coloring. Bright, high quality, multi-use paper. Click Here

Mixed Media Tools

Watercolor Paper

90lb (146gsm) | Cold Press | Sizing | Acid Free | 8.5″x11″

Cold Press Watercolor paper with Sizing to repel water and stand up to water-based media. Get beautiful blends with your watercolor paints, brushes, water-based markers, water-based colored pencils and crayons, and more! Best when paired with a laser printer. Click Here

Watercolor Tools

NOTE: the Watercolor Paper has had mixed results when used with inkjet printers. Some customers have reported success printing on it, but the “sizing” (coating) on the paper that makes it water resistant can also resist ink from an inkjet printer. Use at your own risk. No refunds.

Black Mixed-Media Paper

80lb (216gsm) | Vellum Cover | Black | Acid Free | 8.5″x11″

Try our special edition black paper! Perfect for all kinds of mixed-media that shows well on black–paints, pastels, crayons, gel pens and more! CLICK HERE

Mixed Media Tools

Tan Mixed-Media Paper

80lb (216gsm) | Vellum Cover | Tan | Acid Free | 8.5″x11″

Try our special edition toned tan paper! Perfect for all kinds of mixed-media that shows well on tan–paints, pastels, crayons, gel pens and more! CLICK HERE

Mixed Media Tools
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  • Karen Morgan Apr 27, 2023 @ 10:04

    I’m confused about the Sampler pack. The price is originally 8.99 but as I click on the paper types, the price increases. Is it a set price for the sampler pack, or is it basically just ordering different types of paper?

    • Steve Stay Apr 28, 2023 @ 7:37

      Hi Karen, the $8.99 is just a base price that we have to set in our software, then as you add paper the price goes up as you have seen. But you have to add paper, otherwise there is nothing to order. I hope that makes sense.

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