Simple Faith with Flowers

Simple, elegant flowers with the word “Faith.” Inspirational and religious coloring page.

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Artist: Jennifer Stay

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  • Vicki Davis Aug 27, 2018 @ 9:22

    Hi Jennifer. I recently went to a Bible convention and the theme was COURAGE. I love your coloring page with Faith and was thinking how nice it would be to have other positive qualities featured. Just a suggestion. Love being a premium member. Have been following you for a long time. Hope you’re having a good day. Vicki Davis

  • Rachel Smith Sep 7, 2022 @ 19:35

    I am having trouble getting this image to print correctly… it is either very small or if I increase the scale becomes blurry. I know the site tries to help you print but how do I know if it is a jpeg or pdf file? I have tried everyway I know how and have never had so much trouble šŸ™ Any advice?

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