Tri-Tone Workbook | Luminance & Lightfast Combo | Colored Pencils (Print Version)


41 Pages | Caran d’Ache Luminance & Derwent Lightfast Colored Pencils | Combo Book | Uncolored | Spiral Bound | High Quality Colored Pencil Paper

  • 41 pages–of tools & worksheets to help you pick Luminance (supplemented with Derwent Lightfast) pencil colors fast and easy!
  • 36 colors total–24 from Luminance & 12 from Lightfast.
  • Pencil Name & Numbers Included–to help you find & match your Luminance & Lightfast colored pencils.
  • Uncolored–so you can color the book with your own Luminance & Lightfast pencils to see EXACTLY what the colors look like!
  • Thick, high quality colored pencil paper–to get the best results with your Luminance (supplemented with Derwent Lightfast) pencils.
  • Spiral bound at the top of the page (for right or left handed artists.)
  • Training–to help you learn how to use the tools.
  • Color Picking System–part of the Bliss Color Picking System.
  • 8.5×11 inches.

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Pick Caran d’Ache Luminance® (Supplemented with Derwent Lightfast®) Colored Pencil Colors Fast & Easy!

Digital Version

Luminance Lightfast Tri-Tone Workbook Cover


After making the Luminance & Lightfast Tri-Tone Workbooks, we decided to take the best colors from both sets to see if we could come up with even better tri-tone combinations–we did! This book combines them into one, with 24 Luminance colors and 12 Lightfast colors.

NOTE: Derwent Lightfast pencils do not have numbers–only names. Some of our tri-tone charts require a short 3 digit number, so we had to create our own. Turn to the swatch chart towards the end of the book to see all of these 3 digit names for each color.


All of our Tri-Tone Worksheet books come uncolored so you can color them with your own tools. (It would be impossible for us to pre-color them for everyone who orders.) Instead, we print them on the appropriate paper for the tool (e.g. colored pencil paper for Prismas and Polys; marker paper for Blicks; watercolor paper for Tombows and Inktense; etc.) so when you color them with your tools you will see exactly what the colors look like–which makes it perfect when picking colors from that tool set for a coloring page. Furthermore, we have included in the books the tool names and numbers we feel best match the colors of an artist color wheel–with a light, medium and dark option (hence “tri-tone.)

These Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901® & Derwent Lightfast® Colored Pencils reference worksheets are not sponsored by Caran d’Ache or Derwent. Luminance 6901® is a trademark of Creative Art Materials, Ltd. and Derwent Lightfast® is a trademark of ACCO UK Ltd. They are registered in the United States and other countries. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

This book contains our favorite 36 Tri-Tone Colors from both the Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901® & Derwent Lightfast® colored pencil lines–combined into one workbook! (It contains 24 Luminance Colors & 12 Lightfast Colors.)

This book is a set of Coloring Bliss Tri-Tone Worksheets for Caran d’Ache Luminance® supplemented with Derwent Lightfast® Colored Pencils that will help you quickly and easily choose colors for your next coloring project. This 41-Page book is printed full-color on our high-quality colored pencil paper. It contains worksheets that will not only help you pick colors, but also learn a little color theory in the process. Here’s what comes in the book:

  • Artist Color Wheel: a full-color printed artist color wheel.
  • Luminance/Lightfast Colored Pencils Color Wheel: an artist color wheel you color with your pencils–shows the exact Luminance/Lightfast pencils to use.
  • Premium Color Scheme Selector: our color scheme selector tool with the most popular color schemes.
  • Luminance/Lightfast Tri-Tone Sets Swatch Chart: color this master swatch chart with your pencils–shows the exact Luminance/Lightfast pencils to use.
  • Luminance/Lightfast Tri-Tone Mini Wheels: color the mini wheels with your pencils–shows the exact Luminance/Lightfast pencils to use. Helps you see how the light, medium and dark colors look together.
  • Luminance/Lightfast Tri-Tone Swatch Strip: color this swatch strip with your pencils–shows the exact Luminance/Lightfast pencils to use. Cut out and use in your Luminance/Lightfast colored pencil case.
  • Luminance/Lightfast Tri-Tone Color Schemes: color the color scheme charts with your pencils–shows the exact Luminance/Lightfast pencils to use. Includes color schemes for all of the colors found on the artist color wheel!
  • Full Luminance/Lightfast Set Swatch Charts: color these swatch charts with your pencils–shows the exact Luminance/Lightfast pencils to use. Swatch all 100 colored pencils–note the Tri-Tone legend to see which colors belong to the Tri-Tone Sets.
  • Video Training: videos to show you how to use all of the tools in this book.
  • More Training Available: become a Bliss Colorist, Apprentice or Partner to get even more Tri-Tone resources and video training! Click Here: https://www.coloringbliss.com/bliss-color-picking-system/
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Printed On Our Favorite Colored Pencil Paper

Colored Pencil Paper

80lb (175gsm) | Vellum Bristol | 92 Brightness | Acid Free

Textured paper with just the right amount of “tooth” to create beautiful blends. Heavy paper that stands up to erasing, burnishing & blending media. Click Here

Colored Pencils
Bliss Color Picking System

This product is part of the Bliss Color Picking System!

Learn how to make picking colors fast and easy, and train your eyes to become a color picking pro! CLICK HERE to Download a Digital Version of this Book (Paid Membership Required)


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