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Swatch Bliss (Volume 4) – Digital Version

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Printable PDF | Digital Download | 27 Pages


  • See Download & Printing Instructions Below.
  • Instant PDF Download–to your computer, tablet or phone.
  • 27 Swatching Charts & Pages.
  • Your Printer and Your Paper–PDF can be printed on your printer with your own paper.
  • Great for International Customers–no need to pay expensive shipping costs.
  • Free Adobe Reader Recommended–we recommend you install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for printing our PDFs. Available for computers, tablets and phones. Download Here:
  • 8.5×11 inches.

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Volume 4: Digital Version


Swatch Bliss Volume 4 is a digital combination of Volumes 2 and 3 in a printable PDF download.


PDF Download & Printing Instructions

  1. After purchase you will receive a download link on the confirmation page and via email.
  2. Click the link to download (note that for security purposes the file cannot be downloaded multiple times, so do not click until you are ready to save it to your computer, tablet or phone.)
  3. Save the file to your computer, tablet or phone.
  4. Open the file in a PDF reader. Note that we recommend the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader. It’s available for computers, tablets and phones. You can download that here:
  5. Print the file–select “Fit, Fit to Page, or Scale to Fit”–this will ensure that the edges of the artwork do not get cut off by your printer.


I love to swatch my art tools! Beyond the practical sides of swatching (cataloging a set of coloring tools, seeing what their colors are, testing the limits of the tools, getting to know how the tools perform, etc.) I love seeing the beautiful colors neatly displayed in front of me like a menu of possibilities. Swatching inspires me, relaxes me, and it has become one of my favorite artistic pastimes.


Swatch Bliss is a place for you to discover the joys of swatching. Every swatch page has been thoughtfully designed by me to give you plenty of space to record all the important information about each of your art tools: brand, set, color name, color number, date, and miscellaneous notes. Write it all down or just those things that are important to you. I have also given you a generous swatching square with room to try a gradient, different line pressures, doodles, or even smears…try it all!!!


Swatch Bliss comes in multiple volumes to fit multiple needs. No matter which Swatch Bliss volume you choose you can be sure that it will be printed on my favorite artist quality papers (you choose from available options at the time of your order.) The books are carefully bound and ready for your to fill with all your beautiful colors.


Swatch Bliss Info:

  • Volume 1: Swatching Catalog where you can color over 3,000 swatches, 60 swatches per page, on three different types of paper!
  • Volume 2: Swatching Sets where the pages have swatches grouped into sets of 12, 24, 36, and 72. Over 2,000 swatches total. This book is perfect for swatching sets of tools that you want displayed individually.
  • Volume 3: Swatching Fun book which features my hand drawn art. Each page can swatch a variety of colors, plus you still have room to write down all the important color and set details.
  • Volume 4: Digital Version is a digital combination of Volumes 2 and 3 (27 swatching charts & pages total) in a PDF download that you can print on your own printer with your own paper.
  • 30 or 60 Page Books (you get to choose the number of pages.)
  • 1 or 3 Paper Types (you get to choose the paper.)
  • Thick artist quality paper selected & tested by Jennifer.
  • 8.5×11 inches
  • Spiral bound at the top (great for right or left handed artists.)
  • Heavy chipboard back to protect your paper and add rigidity.


Volume 1: 60 Swatches per Page

Swatch Bliss - 60 Swatches

Swatch Examples

Swatching Examples: Colored Pencil, Marker & Gel Pen


Volume 2: Swatching Sets

Swatch Bliss Volume 2 - 12 Swatches Swatch Bliss Volume 2 - 24 Swatches Swatch Bliss Volume 2 - 36 Swatches Swatch Bliss Volume 2 - 48 Swatches Swatch Bliss Volume 2 - 60 Swatches


Volume 3: Fun Swatches

Swatch Bliss Volume 3 Swatches


Volume 4: Digital Version

See Volumes 2 and 3 Above.


Therapeutic Swatching

I use my art as a “blissful” way to cope with daily chronic pain (no one’s life is perfect). One of my favorite ways to help me cope with high pain days, or days that I’m feeling extra stress, anxiety, or depression is to swatch. Do you ever feel that urge to create but you just don’t feel up to working on a full piece of art? Me too! Sometimes, I will find a blank piece of paper or open a sketch book and grab my favorite art tools and just lose myself in swatching each of those beautiful colors. It is such a relaxing way to lay down colors and enjoy how the tools perform without the pressure of creating a masterpiece. I highly recommend you give this a try next time you feel that urge to create on a hard day. It is so blissful and therapeutic.


Choose Your Own Paper


Colored Pencil Paper

80lb (175gsm) | Vellum Bristol | 92 Brightness | Acid Free


Textured paper with just the right amount of “tooth” to create beautiful blends. Heavy paper that stands up to erasing, burnishing & blending media. Click Here

Colored Pencils


Marker Paper

100lb (271gsm) | Smooth Cover | 100 Brightness | Acid Free


Thick, dense paper perfect for layering and blending. Markers glide across the smooth surface, protecting the nibs. Click Here



Mixed Media Paper

100lb (271gsm) | Smooth Cover | 96 Brightness | Acid Free


Thick paper with a light texture–perfect for combining colored pencil, gel pen and marker coloring. Bright, high quality, multi-use paper. Click Here

Mixed Media Tools

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4 reviews

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  1. 4 out of 4 people found this helpful
    Annie Pigeon

    I’m in love!

    Annie Pigeon

    I’m an international customer and shipping fees are awfull. With this digital swatch book, I can enjoy Jennifer’s art and play with all those beautiful swatches!
    I made a book with disc binding system, and print the images on both pencil and marker paper. Absolutely love this digital swatch book 💜💜💜

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  2. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Yolande de Wijngaert

    Thank you!!!

    Yolande de Wijngaert (verified owner)

    As a Canadian, the shipping fees double the price of a book.
    By having a digital download, I can build myself a custom swatch book, on the paper I use. And it’s better than a those mix’n match swatches that don’t exactly give what I want.
    I keep them in plastic sheet protectors in a binder, and I just grab the sheet(s) I need when I color.

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  3. One person found this helpful

    Even Better Than Expected!

    Tirtzah (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Jennifer’s regular swatch charts for quite some time since I keep getting more and more sets of art tools. Not only is swatching necessary to get an accurate idea of colors, but I also find it relaxing and fun to do. I was excited to see her swatch books, but the shipping & handling were a bit daunting, and I would also need to order a variety of papers since I use many different types of media. I thought the digital download would be a good compromise, but it turned out to be a better choice for me since I could print the swatch sheets on the exact paper I was using to print my coloring sheets. It also allowed me to easily “re-do” any mistakes if needed. Furthermore, the digital file included ALL of the swatch charts featured in all three of the swatch volumes! What a generous thing to do! Having so many different choices of swatch patterns also allows me a way to “play” with my new supplies and learn how they work before I even try them on an coloring page or book. I’m free to experiment without pressure that they might not turn out “right”, and it also allows an opportunity to test different media on different paper to see how they go on, react, dry, etc. Even if you decide to get one or all of the hardbound copies, I think having the digital copy is a must have for any colorist who enjoys collecting and experimenting with different art tools.

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  4. Janice Parrish


    Janice Parrish (verified owner)

    I really enjoy this swatching download. I am not sure what kind of paper to use for gel pen swatching but love being able to choose the kind of paper I want for each swatch. I also enjoy that when I am having a lot of pain I can print out any swatch design and any paper and just play.

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    • Tirtzah (verified owner)

      Try a mixed media paper, but it depends on what paper will go through your printer, and not all mixed media paper is of the same quality or weight. Really slick, coated papers tend to make the ink run, but really toothy paper (like some watercolor papers) are harder to get a smooth color laydown (though it’s possible). It depends also on your style of coloring, but try using whatever paper closest to the type you plan to color on (if you color mostly in commercial books for example). Hope this helps.

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