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Printable Pictures to Color and Enjoy

I hope that you’ve taken the time to download some of my coloring pages. They’re a lot of fun to create and even more fun to share with others.

If you’ve downloaded any of my pages, then here are a few tips on getting the best printing results:

  1. Open them in a PDF program like the Adobe Reader–you’ll get better printing options.
  2. Make sure page orientation is set correctly–most of my artwork is landscape. Another advantage of the Adobe Reader is that it will automatically recognize and set the orientation for you.
  3. I have setup the pages to be printed on 8.5×11 inch paper with some white margin around the art. So, for best results, in the printer settings, set page scaling to “none” so it does NOT shrink the image to fit the page.
  4. In your printer settings, set the quality of print to “best.”

Even though the guy talking is super boring, here’s some good info to know about how to print a PDF:

And here’s some info on troubleshooting PDF printing:

Hopefully that will help you get great results. I look forward to hearing about and seeing the results you’ve created with my printable pictures to color. Please share in the comments below!