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Bliss Mixed Media Paper

Bliss Mixed Media Paper

100lb (271gsm) | Smooth Cover | 96 Brightness | Acid Free

As I was researching and testing my favorite papers for colored pencils and markers, I quickly realized that my markers hated to glide across the textured surface of my favorite colored pencil paper. I also found that my colored pencils refused to layer onto the super smooth texture of my favorite marker paper. One of my favorite things to do as a colorist is mix my coloring media. I love using alcohol markers as a base layer with colored pencils to add depth and shading, followed by a twinkle of glitter gel pen as a highlight. All three of these art tools need different kinds of paper to be at their very best…or…they need one good paper that can allow them to work together.

When choosing a paper I could use for my mixed media art, I wanted to find something that would offer flexibility. Colored pencils and pastels need paper with texture in order to layer and blend properly. Markers need dense fibers for layering and smooth texture to protect their tips. Gel pens need enough texture to engage the ball in the tips of the pens. Some of these qualities go in direct opposition to each other, so a midway point needed to be found–a compromise that would result in a paper that would allow all of these tools to shine together.

The paper I finally chose has become my favorite paper to grab when I’m just not sure where my creative juices are going to take me. It truly does allow me to mix my art media because:

  • It has a light texture that allows colored pencils and pastels to layer, and gel pens to glide more efficiently.
  • It’s a thick, dense paper that accepts layers of marker ink and stands up to erasing, burnishing, and other blending methods.
  • It has a bright white color that looks beautiful when printed with coloring page art.
  • It’s acid free for archival storage of the finished art.

Due to this paper’s thick, heavy weight it’s perfect for most any wet or dry media you throw at it. So grab your markers, gel pens and colored pencils and go for it!