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Metallic Marker Paper

Bliss Metallic Marker Paper

105lb (285gsm) | White Metallic Cover | Acid Free

This paper is so much fun to color with! It is a white paper that has a metallic sheen that really makes your colors pop! It makes your coloring pages look shiny and sparkly. It also looks great with grayscale coloring pages.

I tested this paper with markers, colored pencils and gel pens and got mixed results. Markers colored really well and look outstanding! This is why I’m calling it a marker paper.

Colored pencils did okay–not great, but you could use them if you wanted to. Gel pens didn’t do well at all–the ink tends to not dry.

Being a marker paper, I also chose a really heavy card stock to prevent bleeding. Few home printers could handle the weight of this paper. These are the reasons we chose this paper:

  • It has a smooth surface for the markers to glide across, protecting and prolonging the nibs.
  • It’s a very thick, dense paper that accepts many layers of marker ink for beautiful blends.
  • It’s also sturdy enough to stand up to erasing and other artistic manipulations.
  • It has a metallic white color that looks amazing when printed with coloring page art–especially grayscale.
  • It’s acid free for archival storage of the finished art.

So grab your markers and give this paper a try–I know you’ll love it and be just as excited about the glitz and glam it gives your coloring!