Bliss Marker Paper

100lb (271gsm) | Smooth Cover | 100 Brightness | Acid Free

Markers are one of my most satisfying art mediums. I love how their colors soak down into the fibers of the paper–leaving behind vivid colors that can either be left solid, or layered and manipulated to create deep blends and subtle variations. Whether you are using alcohol-based or water-based markers, the colors can be greatly enhanced by a high quality paper.

Markers are a wet media, and because of this, the paper you choose to color on needs to be able to work with this liquid. Most commonly in the art world, this is handled either by a paper with a resist treatment that allows the ink to “float” on the paper, or with a paper that is dense enough to hold layers of ink. In both cases, the paper is typically very smooth to protect the delicate tips of the markers and allow for beautiful, smooth strokes.

After a lot of testing and coloring, I have chosen this “Bliss Marker Paper” as my favorite marker paper because:

  • It has a very smooth surface for the markers to glide across, protecting and prolonging the nibs.
  • It’s a thick, dense paper that accepts many layers of marker ink for beautiful blends. It’s also sturdy enough to stand up to erasing and other artistic manipulations.
  • It has a very bright white color that looks beautiful when printed with coloring page art.
  • It’s acid free for archival storage of the finished art.

Because I chose this paper specifically for marker coloring, a blotting page may not be needed. It’s always a good idea to test just in case you have a very heavy coloring hand. Personally, I use a blotting page just to be on the safe side, but in most cases this paper is marker safe. I highly recommend you compare this paper to that found in other coloring books and you’ll quickly see that it is thicker, smoother and much more fun to color on!

Bliss Coloring Paper Sampler