How to Color with Alcohol Markers [Free Lesson]

Learn how to color with alcohol markers using these 4 easy tips. I also include several alcohol marker coloring techniques that you can start using today to improve your skills.

Chapter Markers

00:00:00 – Welcome & Introduction
00:03:24 – Tip 1: Use Good Marker Paper
00:07:41 – Tip 2: Use a Blotting Page
00:09:10 – Tip 3: How to Color Small Details
00:12:32 – Tip 3: BONUS – Keep Track of Supplies
00:13:39 – Tip 4: Alcohol Marker Coloring Lesson
00:15:31 – How to Pick a Color Scheme
00:17:40 – How to Do Basic “Block” Coloring
00:20:31 – How to Use Gray Markers
00:33:04 – How to Color with Tri-Tone Combos
00:39:05 – How to Color with Mixed-Media
00:45:29 – Reveal & Final Recommendations

More Alcohol Marker Training

If you’d like to learn even more about coloring with alcohol markers, then be sure to join my Coloring Academy and take my Alcohol Marker Fast Track lesson!

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Ohuhu Honolulu Tri-Tone Workbook

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Flower Bliss Coloring Book

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Prismacolor Premier Tri-Tone Workbook

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Favorite Alcohol Marker Paper
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