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“Gift of Bliss” Extended License Program

Complimentary Coloring Pages for Educators, Librarians and Health Care Providers

Giving back to the community is something I wholeheartedly believe in and support–especially when it comes to the communities of education, libraries and health care. For this purpose I have created my “Gift of Bliss” program to provide teachers, librarians, health care providers and other public-service professionals an extended license to share my artwork with the public they serve.

Paisley on Flowers Coloring Page
Breathe Flowers and Paisley Coloring Page
I Am Strong Woman Silhouette Coloring Page

Here’s How it Works

  1. Educators, Librarians, Health Care Providers and other Public-Serving Professionals can apply for a “Gift of Bliss” Extended License Membership.
  2. Upon approval, you will be given a username and password to login and access the extended license coloring pages.
  3. You then have my permission to print the coloring pages and share them with the people you serve.

Owl with Flowers Coloring Page
Inspirational Butterfly Coloring Page
Inspirational Bird Coloring Page

How to Apply

  • Read the “Questions & Answers” Below
  • Read the “Extended License Terms”
  • Fill out the Form Below

Jane Austen Coloring Page
Inspirational Mandala Coloring Page
Adorable Owl Coloring Page

Questions & Answers

What is an “Extended License?”

Under normal copyright terms my coloring pages are for personal use only–you do not have permission to print and distribute or share them publicly. My Extended License gives applicants who qualify access to select coloring pages that they can print and distribute to the public they serve.

For example, a librarian might be holding an adult coloring activity–she could download, print and distribute the “Gift of Bliss” coloring pages to the adults attending the activity. Or a receptionist at a doctor’s office might want to make available coloring pages to the patients waiting to see the doctor. Or a school teacher might want to print off some coloring pages for a classroom activity for her students.

If approved, can I share the coloring pages electronically?

No, the extended license only allows you to share printed copies of the coloring pages–no electronic sharing of any kind is allowed.

How does this differ from your other membership options?

Anyone can become a Free or Premium Member, where the coloring pages are for personal use only–no public distribution allowed. Only qualified applicants can be approved for the “Gift of Bliss” Membership.

Can’t I just print off your free or premium coloring pages and share them with the public?

No, these are for personal use only.

Can I make changes to the artwork?

No. Please do not make any changes to the artwork–be it electronic or otherwise. You must distribute the artwork as-is to your patrons.

Can I remove your footer message, URL and/or copyright notice?

No, please do not remove the footer message, website URL or copyright notice. The pages must be shared as-is with no alterations.

How many copies can I make and distribute?

You may print and distribute the number of pages needed to accommodate your patrons’ needs. For example, if you’re having a coloring activity and you expect 25 people to show up, then you may print 25 copies of each coloring page. However, I ask that you please not distribute a bunch of extra copies to your patrons to take home with them. One or two extras is fine, but please no more than that.

Why are there a limited number of coloring pages?

Each coloring page I make takes hours of work to produce; therefore, I am thoughtful and careful about which pages I choose to make free or paid. If I were to “give away” all of my art, I would no longer have any motivation to draw to provide for my family. So, I have chosen several select pages from collection to include in the Gift of Bliss program–many of which are only available to premium paid members. 😉

What if I want to share one of your other coloring pages with the public?

Please do not. If you really like a specific page and want to use it for a specific purpose, please contact me and we can discuss it.

Can I sell the coloring Pages?

No, you may not profit financially in any way with my coloring pages.

Can I make a book or booklet out of the coloring pages and give it away?

Yes, if you would like to compile the Gift of Bliss coloring pages into a booklet to share with your patrons that is fine. But again, please do not mass distribute or sell the booklet–it is for your patrons only.

Can I share the coloring pages outside of my place of employment/business?

No, you can only share the coloring pages with your patrons at your place of business. Please do not share them with friends, family and others outside of work.

Can I have an extended license membership and a personal membership?

Yes. In fact, I ask that you keep your Gift of Bliss membership and personal membership separate. In this way, you can easily know which coloring pages are for business and which are for personal.

What happens if I break these rules?

If I suspect you may be breaking the rules I will contact you first to discuss it. If I find you have been violating the terms I may cancel your membership. If the violation is egregious enough I may also pursue legal avenues. I also reserve the right to cancel memberships at any time for any reason.

Fun Books Coloring Page
Once Upon a Time Coloring Page
Wall Clock Mandala Coloring Page

Extended License Application Form

All Fields Are Required

First Name

Last Name

Business Name

Business Email

Business Phone

Describe your business and how you plan to use the coloring pages:

I Have Read the Questions & Answers Above

I Agree to the Extended License Copyright Policy
(Click for Copyright Policy)

I personally verify each application to ensure the applicant meets my requirements. Please allow up to two weeks for approval.