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Step 1: Login to Youtube

Login to YoutubeLogin to Youtube here:

Don’t have a Youtube account? You can sign up for one at the same link.

Step 2: Subscribe to My Youtube Channel

IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY – “Subscribe” to my Coloring Pages Bliss Youtube channel by clicking the Youtube button below.
(IF YOU’VE ALREADY “subscribed” to my page then DO NOT click the button–that may accidentally “unsubscribe” you from my page.)


Step 3: Turn on Notifications (Optional)

Turn on Youtube NotificationsWould you like to be notified when I upload a new video? Then please go to my Youtube channel and turn on notifications by clicking the “notifications” button found in the top-right corner of my channel. (It’s the little bell icon.)


Step 4: Watch, Like & Comment On a Video (Optional)

Watch My VideosIf you like my videos I would be so grateful if you were to “like” and comment on them–that really helps my channel grow. So please go to my Youtube channel and WATCH, “LIKE” and COMMENT on a VIDEO or two:


Step 5: Share a Video (Optional)

If you like my videos and would really like to help my channel grow…first of all…thank you! And second, please “SHARE” at least 1 VIDEO by clicking the “Share” button found in the bottom-left corner just below the video. Just pick any of the sharing choices available (for example, you could share my video to a coloring group on facebook.)

Step 6: Unlock the Youtube Bonus Coloring Page

I certify that I have completed the following:

  1. I have subscribed to your Coloring Pages Bliss Youtube Channel. (Required)
  2. I have turned on notifications for your Coloring Pages Bliss Youtube Channel. (Optional)
  3. I have watched, liked and commented on at least one of your Coloring Pages Bliss Youtube Channel videos. (Optional)
  4. I have shared at least one of your Coloring Pages Bliss Youtube Channel videos. (Optional)

Click the image below to download the coloring page:

Note that after clicking the image below, even though the top section says you have to become a Premium Member to download, you don’t. Just scroll down the page a bit and look for the purple “Download” button. 🙂

Inspirational Coloring Page