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Step 1: Login to Facebook

Login to FacebookLogin to Facebook here:

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Step 2: Like My Facebook Page

IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY – “Like” my Coloring Bliss Facebook page by clicking the “Like” button below. 
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Step 3: Share My Facebook Page (Optional)

I would really appreciate it if you were to share my Facebook page to your facebook feed or to a coloring group (especially helpful) or page. To do that, click the “Share” button below (and if you want to–write a little something about why you like my page) and then click the “Post to Facebook” button.


Step 4: Like My Facebook Posts (Optional)

Coloring Bliss on FacebookIf you like the content on my Facebook page, would you mind “Liking” and commenting? If so, go to my Facebook page AND “LIKE” and comment on a POST or two:


Step 5: Join My Facebook Group (Optional)

Coloring Pages Bliss Facebook GroupI have a wonderful private Facebook Group of colorists who are kind and supportive. I’d love you to join us! If that’s something you’d like to do please click the following link to be taken to my “Coloring Pages Bliss” Facebook Members Group, then click on the “Join” button:
(One of my group moderators will add you to the group after you make the join request.)

Step 6: Unlock the Facebook Bonus Coloring Page

I certify that I have completed the following:

  1. I have liked your Coloring Bliss Facebook Page. (Required)
  2. I have shared your Coloring Bliss Facebook Page. (Optional)
  3. I have liked and commented on a post or two on your Coloring Bliss Facebook Page. (Optional)
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Click the image below to download the coloring page:

Note that after clicking the image below, even though the top section says you have to become a Premium Member to download, you don’t. Just scroll down the page a bit and look for the purple “Download” button. 🙂

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