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Welcome to our Coloring Workshop video tutorials! We are excited to see your progress as you improve your coloring skills. Use the form below to search for a topic, or scroll down the page to browse our Workshops by Category or even by single Lessons. We recommend taking some time to familiarize yourself with the content and how to find what you’re looking for.

NOTE: the Coloring Academy used to be called “Bliss Partners.” So any reference to Bliss Partners is the same as Coloring Academy.

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Recent Coloring Workshops

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"The Big 3" Refresher Course

The Big 3 – Refresher

Refresher course on coloring with colored pencils, gel pens & alcohol markers.

Exploring Pastel Pencils

Exploring Pastel Pencils

Learn how to color with Soft Pastel Pencils.

Exploring Contrast

Exploring CONTRAST

Learn how to use contrast to improve your coloring.

Quick Skills Workshops


Quick skill to help you learn how to train your eyes to see and pick colors.

Exploring Soap Bubbles

Exploring Soap BUBBLES

Explore how to create soap bubbles to add fun and interest to your coloring pages.

Exploring Color Theory


Explore how to use color theory to improve your coloring results.

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Colored Pencils Workshop Series
Alcohol Marker Workshop Series
Coloring Objects Workshop Series
Watercolor Workshop Series
Color Theory Series Banner
Grayscale Coloring Series
Coloring Backgrounds & Textures Series
Blending Series
Picking Colors Workshops
Lighting Workshop Series
Gel Pen Workshop Series
Pastels Workshop Series
Gouache Coloring Series
Mixed-Media Coloring Workshops
Mixed-Media Art Journaling

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Coloring with the Big 3

Lesson 4: Coloring with All Three (TBTR)

The Big 3 Refresher - Alcohol Markers

Lesson 3: Alcohol Markers Refresher (TBTR)

How to color with Alcohol Markers refresher lesson.

The Big 3 Refresher - Lesson 1

Lesson 1: Colored Pencil Refresher (TBTR)

Colored Pencil coloring refresher lesson.

Exploring Pastels Lesson 4

Lesson 4: Pastels Color Along (EPP)

Pastel Pencils Real Time Color Along

Exploring Pastel Pencils - Lesson 3

Lesson 3: Coloring a Small Illustration (EPP)

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Water Markers | Fast Track – Part 4 | Details & Dew Drops

Add Details and Dew Drops to Your Coloring Page
Part 4 of our Water Marker Fast Track teaches you how to add details from reference photos; including how to ...
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Water Markers | Fast Track – Part 3 | Add a Light Source

Water Markers Fast Track Lesson 3 - Add a Light Source
Part 3 of our Water Marker Fast Track teaches you how to store and organize your markers–including additional tools you ...
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Water Markers | Fast Track – Part 2 | Use Those Nibs

Water-Based Markers Fast Track - Lesson 2
Part 2 of our Water-Based Markers "Fast Track" Series teaches you how to invest in water markers; how to use ...
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