Coloring Academy & Bliss Apprentice Changes

How Does This Affect You?

Steve and I have been working hard on re-branding and re-pricing our “Bliss Partner” membership program. This is something that we have been working on for a while now and we hope that you will find it exciting and beneficial. We are calling this new membership level the “Coloring Academy” and it will contain most everything currently found in both the Bliss Apprentice and Bliss Partner membership levels–but with a lower price!


Why the Change?

We know that many people are struggling financially, and we wanted to be able to bring the Coloring Workshop video tutorials and benefits to more people. Hence the re-pricing and with it re-branding.


The main changes with the new Coloring Academy level are:

  • Name change to “Coloring Academy.”
  • The cost will now be $15/month or $150/year. (We listened to you.)
  • We are adding our new coloring education book “Coloring Essentials” as a free bonus.
  • We are also discontinuing the “Bliss Apprentice” membership level and rolling the Real-Time Coloring Sessions into the Coloring Academy.

Do I Have to Change to the New Coloring Academy Level?

No. You can remain a Bliss Apprentice for as long as you like. You will continue to receive all of the same benefits and discounts that you currently enjoy.

Just know that if in the future you do cancel your Bliss Apprentice subscription, you will not be able to re-subscribe as an Apprentice at a later date–only the Free, Bliss Colorist & Coloring Academy levels will be available.

We assume that some of you will not want to change, so instead of cancelling or changing everyone automatically, we will leave it up to you to decide. Here are your options:

  1. NO CHANGE: as mentioned above, you can remain a “Bliss Apprentice” with all of the same benefits you currently enjoy–including the 15% discount in the print shop.
  2. MONTHLY APPRENTICES – CHANGE: you can change your membership to the Coloring Academy immediately–either monthly or yearly. You will pay the new, lower cost with the changes mentioned above.
    1. (If you choose to do this, please note that you will lose any extra days on your subscription. Another way to do it is to first CANCEL your current subscription; then after your membership expires–change to the new level.)
  3. YEARLY APPRENTICES – CHANGE: if you would like to change your membership please contact Steve through the Contact form on our website. While we will not be giving any refunds for time unused, we will convert your membership to Coloring Academy Yearly and pro-rate your time based on how much time you currently have left on your Apprentice Yearly subscription.
  4. RECENT SUBSCRIPTION: if you signed up as an Apprentice within the last week, and you want to upgrade to Academy, please contact Steve using the form on our website and he will help you change over and possibly receive a prorated refund.

How do I upgrade to the new level?

You can upgrade using the options below:

Coloring Academy (Monthly)


OPTION 1: $15 Monthly Subscription Unlimited Access to All Content Every Month (you can cancel any time.)

Coloring Academy (Yearly)

GET 2 MONTHS FREE! ($12.50/month)

OPTION 2: $150 Yearly Payment Get 2 Months Free – Unlimited Access to All Content for 1 Year (only $12.50 per Month!)

Here are some helpful website links…

Membership Changeshttps://www.coloringbliss.com/membership-account/membership-levels/

Contact Formhttps://www.coloringbliss.com/contact/

With all of that said, please know that you are important to us, and if you feel strongly that none of these options works for you, kindly contact Steve through our website and he will work something out with you. 🙂