Bliss Colored Pencil Paper

80lb (175gsm) | Vellum Bristol | 92 Brightness | Acid Free

As an artist, I love that colored pencils can create both subtle and bold effects in my art. With layering and blending the results that can be achieved with them are limitless, especially if you are using the correct paper.

Colored pencils are a dry art media that depend on a textured surface to lay down their colors effectively. Regardless of whether your pencils are inexpensive school grade or high end artist quality, the right paper will automatically allow you to create better blends, fuller layers, and deeper colors. It is also vital to have a paper that is rigid enough to stand up to the rigors of coloring, erasing, and manipulating that naturally happens during the creative process.

After testing several brands and types of paper, I personally chose this “Bliss Colored Pencil Paper” as my favorite for creating beautiful coloring pages with colored pencils because:

  • It has just the right amount of texture (or “tooth”) to build up beautiful blends.
  • It’s thick enough to stand up to erasing, burnishing, and blending media, including odorless mineral spirits and petroleum jelly.
  • It has a nice white color that looks beautiful when printed with coloring page art.
  • It’s acid free for archival storage of the finished art.

So grab your favorite colored pencils and discover the difference high quality colored pencil paper can make!