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Giveaway Starts 4-10-2024 and ends 4-24-2024 at 11:30pm (MST). Winner will be notified via email and in the giveaway section below on April 25, 2024.

The Winners

Congratulations to the following 3 winners of this giveaway…

  1.  Millie S.
  2. Kim C.
  3.  Natalie M.


Color Cube Bundle

Learn more about Sarah Renae Clark’s Color Cubes. Available in both PRINT & DIGITAL versions!

Color Cube Bundle

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  • Patty Piorkowski Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:08

    Thanks for making this contest available and for the interview with Sarah.

    • Patty Dillon Apr 17, 2024 @ 16:51

      Great giveaway!
      A friend told me about your channel and I’m enjoying it and learning a lot!

  • Leah Pascali Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:08

    Prismacolor pencils are probably the best pencils I’ve used

  • Brenda Katrein Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:14

    Such a great giveaway! I have been eyeing these.
    I have prismacolor pencils but really need to work on my coloring. Working on the free member coloring pages at the moment.

  • Hayley M Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:15

    I was just looking at these colour cubes whilst waiting for my bus after work today, and then I see this in my emails! I hope to get the colour cubes some day 🙂 maybe I’ll get lucky in this giveaway!

    • Anette Apr 14, 2024 @ 12:53

      This is a super exciting giveaway. I really struggle with color schemes, so this would be really helpful. Thank you so much for doing this ❤️

  • Rebekka Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:15

    Love love love this give away!!! Thank you so much for doing this ❤️

    • Krys Jae Apr 14, 2024 @ 19:39

      I’ve wanted these for so long! Thank you for the chance to enter! This is exciting!

  • Jeanette Urato Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:25

    I’ve learned quite a lot about colors, coloring, different media, and more by watching your videos. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

  • Camille Lee Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:29

    Looking forward to this

  • Brooke Lawrence Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:34

    Thanks for the giveaway Jennifer! This is a great opportunity!

  • Emily Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:35

    I’m so excited and looking forward to this giveaway! I’ve always wanted a color cube!

  • Megan Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:37

    Colouring Bliss and Sarah Renae Clark are my long standing go tos for any colouring dilemma, so I’m delighted to see a competition relating to both! I would love to these cubes at my aid.

  • Nicole M Barton Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:40

    I have been interested in buying the color cube for a while. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  • KimberlyO Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:43

    How cool! I have the digital version and the companions… but I really would like the cubes. I keep waivering on ordering them.

  • Fannie Giroux Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:44

    Thank you for all that you share with us and the great giveaway you have for us. Being bless

  • Anik Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:44

    April 10/24 Hello Jen and Steve! The review and interview video for the colour cube is so timely! I was just on Sarah Renae Clark’s website today reading up on it and actually added one to the shopping cart but didn’t follow through with it because of the shipping cost 😕 It is on my wish list and hoping to win one! It’s so wonderful that you are providing so many great resources and I’ve learned so much from your You Tube channel. Keep up the great work! Hugs to Rosie ☺️

  • Bree Kingsley Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:46

    I just recently purchased the 150 set of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils. I absolutely love using them and am impressed with how well they blend. I plan to get the digital version of your Tri-tone workbook soon and have downloaded the swatch chart. Thank you for all you do, I really enjoy your videos!

  • Linda Webster Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:48

    Thank you for reminding me how much I loved colouring when I was a child. It’s so nice to be colouring again.

  • Kim Campbell Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:54

    This is really exciting!!! Those color cubes will be a huge addition to any coloring fan’s coloring collection. It is so kind of you and Sarah to offer this giveaway. My fingers are certainly crossed!!!!!


  • Hope Lansford Apr 10, 2024 @ 14:58

    I have used a lot of the swatch templates to organize my Sharpie and colored pencil collection. Thanks for supplying such a wide array of tools and knowledge!

  • christine cordova Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:01

    I love Prismacolor it’s one of my favorites !! I’m currently learning shading 🙂

    I am following on Instagram as well but form above doesn’t recognize it or allow me to click I’m following lol.

  • Teresa Rogers Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:04

    Love all of the education you provide coloring and picking colors can be intimidating!

  • Emma Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:11


    I love adult colouring, I’ve got a cute little trolley of colouring supplies set up next to my desk. My favourite pencils are currently Castle Art Gold and my Blackwidows. It’s always so hard not to buy more! Love your vids by the way because I’m trying to learn new colouring techniques and not put so much pressure on myself to be perfect.

  • Ruth Gauss Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:16

    I love the color cube idea! Thanks for the opportunity to win another tool for my coloring projects!

  • Rum Coke Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:18

    Exciting! I’ve seen this system!!

  • Shawna Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:19

    Been wanting this for so long! Excited for the opportunity to possibly win the color cube!!!

  • Diane Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:20

    Looks nice

  • Rum Coke Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:20

    Exciting! I’ve seen this system!

  • Mary Haselton Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:23

    Hi Jennifer! What great timing. I was just starting my studies on color and the color wheel. Thank you!

  • Heather M Wallick Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:25

    Good luck to everyone. I’ve been saving for these, but it’s taking a little while. I’ll get there or I might win!

  • Marlene Hall Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:29

    I’ve been wanting this Color Cube for quite some time! I’m excited!

  • Tracy Gavloski Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:34

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the amazing color cubes. I have coveted them for a long time!

  • donna bost Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:42

    Been wanting these for awhile, was afraid of shipping problems, So excited to see them here, here is to luck!!

  • Natasha Morin Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:49

    I love your giveaways and all your YouTube videos!! Thank you for all you do!!

  • Marie Pier Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:50

    I would love to win these cubes but if not for me good luck to the ones who will win.

  • Jennifer Alkire Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:51

    I think these color cubes are the best! I hope to one day be a proud owner, winner or not!

  • sarah graham Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:52

    Love all the reviews you do (and the money you cost me wil be ignored LOL)
    Thanks for all the time you put into this site and channel.

  • Nancy Smith Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:52

    Thank you for sharing. 🦋

  • Brittany McGuffin Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:53

    I love this! I have watched you and Sarah on YouTube for ages. I have always wanted to get the cubes! Thank you for doing this giveaway! ❤️

  • Deb Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:55

    Color Bliss always does a thourough and fair test on products, I don’t know where you get the energy for it all! Thank you 💓

  • Imelda van Ankeren Apr 10, 2024 @ 15:59

    This is just a perfect give away: cooperation between my two favorite artists. To win these color cubes would be the topmoment of my new way of life as a colorist. I love to watch you both!
    grtz Imelda

  • pspcharm Apr 10, 2024 @ 16:14

    Very generous, as always.

  • Nan Apr 10, 2024 @ 16:20

    I’ve been using the digital version of Sarah’s cards for almost 4 years and I love them. I put the Color Cubes on my wish list when they first came out… but just haven’t gotten them yet. The digital versions and amazing and I know the cards in the cubes will be really fun and easy to use.

  • Jack Jones Apr 10, 2024 @ 16:32

    Color Cube is a very cool idea!

  • Wendy Apr 10, 2024 @ 16:34

    I enjoy watching both your YouTube channel and Sarah Renae Clark’s. I have always wanted to try the color cubes but I can’t afford them. Thank for the chance to possibly win them!

  • Zarnaz Fahad Apr 10, 2024 @ 16:35

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  • Tammy Apr 10, 2024 @ 16:37

    I have been wanting these cubes for a long time. Fingers crossed😊

  • Pam Rushen Apr 10, 2024 @ 16:40

    Those cubes are sooo cool.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • genie wade Apr 10, 2024 @ 16:47

    What an awesome giveaway! I’ve been looking at these for a while now 😊

  • Jackie Muller Apr 10, 2024 @ 16:58

    These color cubes seem amazing! They would look super as decor sitting displayed on a shelf too. Very convenient and tactile way to pick out a palette – rather these than going madly searching around on the web for inspiration. Great giveaway as always guys!

  • Cayson Cavera Apr 10, 2024 @ 17:04

    These color cubes look like they would fit right in our home. We used to design lighting for stage….love the color swatches.

  • Linda Knotts Apr 10, 2024 @ 17:18

    I love your videos. They are insightful and educational. They help me decide on a new brand of pencil I want or eliminate some that I was trying to decide on.

  • Tiandra Botes Apr 10, 2024 @ 17:48

    Thank you for all you do

  • SUSAN PEYREGNE Apr 10, 2024 @ 17:48

    Love these cubes!

  • Beach Knit Apr 10, 2024 @ 17:49

    I’m intrigued but this-what a cool way to get more fluent with color picking. So neat!

  • Tiandra Botes Apr 10, 2024 @ 17:49

    Thank you for all you do to help us become better

  • SUSAN PEYREGNE Apr 10, 2024 @ 17:49

    Love this!

  • velvet santana Apr 10, 2024 @ 17:55

    I’m so excited about this giveaway ! been wanting these color cubes forever but sadly haven’t been able to afford these, hopefully i win ❤️

  • Elaine Shanks Apr 10, 2024 @ 17:58

    PrismaColor – my first and favorite colored pencils so far. I purchased the PrismaColor medium size set about 5 years ago when coloring took off for adults. I didn’t color much and packed them away, but this year I have gotten more involved in coloring, and I love PrismaColor. I am in the process of filling in the missing colors.

  • Elizabeth Brown Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:01

    So excited for the opportunity to win these Color Cubes by Sarah Renae Clark!

  • Mary Mannas Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:12

    Been thinking about getting the color cube.

  • Heather Phillips Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:19

    This is so neat!

  • Laurie Tice Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:21

    I’ve saw these on Sarah Renae Clark’s website and thought how cool. What a great idea. So happy to find out you were doing a video on them. These would really help me with choosing color choices. I have trouble deciding on which colors to use and sometimes my choices are just dreadful. I’ve looked at several books on color theories and some color palettes on pinterest but these cubes (and cards) have so many colors. WOW! Incredible! A great idea and they look like they will last a long time. Hope I am one of the three winners. I will definitely share them with my craft loving friends.

  • April Stevens Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:21

    These are really cool !!

  • Laurie Tice Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:22

    ‘ve saw these on Sarah Renae Clark’s website and thought how cool. What a great idea. So happy to find out you were doing a video on them. These would really help me with choosing color choices. I have trouble deciding on which colors to use and sometimes my choices are just dreadful. I’ve looked at several books on color theories and some color palettes on pinterest but these cubes (and cards) have so many colors. WOW! Incredible! A great idea and they look like they will last a long time. Hope I am one of the three winners. I will definitely share them with my craft loving friends.

  • Amanda Spivey Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:23

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway I’m a beginner been only adult coloring for 2years and I’ve always had trouble with color theory and color schemes this will be extremely important to my coloring journey Thank you Jennifer and Steve Stay

  • Talia Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:23

    Im learning so much from you videos, thank you ♥️

  • Kristen R Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:27

    Always so generous and helps wish list dreams like mine come true. Thankyou for this giveaway.

  • Neri Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:28

    I always enjoy your YouTube videos

  • Tek Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:32

    Thank you!

  • Laurie Black Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:35

    The color cubes look like a great tool! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Tali Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:40

    Great giveaway!!

  • Tonya Turner Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:41

    Thank you for everything you do! I learn so much from you and enjoy your videos! You are an amazing artist with a heart of joy and blessings!

  • Annie Chretien Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:42

    I can really use this. I am horrible with colour.

  • Alta Hayward Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:42

    Have been looking at the Color Cubes for several months now! Love your giveaways!

  • Annie Chretien Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:43

    I can really use this. I am horrible with colour. I can’t wait, I’d love to win.

  • Ivey Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:43

    I would love to own the Sarah Renae Clark’s Color Cubes. These can be used not just for choosing colors for all media’s. They can also be used for choosing colors when you are changing the color decor in your home.I own the 150 prismacolor pencils, and love them. I’ve purchased other colored pencils but always end up using my prism color pencils.

  • Cheri Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:43

    Love your channel ! I have learned so much about different art supplies and techniques, thank you

  • Dayna Mathews Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:45

    Looking forward to seeing the winners! What a great giveaway Jennifer and Steve. Thank you!!

  • Tara Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:48

    I appreciate the time you take to demonstrate brands of art media for those on a budget. That’s a lot of work!

  • Terrie Jones Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:48

    So excited to see you using these. Thank you for your generosity. Fingers crossed.

  • Loretta Reis Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:50

    The cubes will help to colour for sure , but I do like your colour wheel as well.

    I want to thank you for all Videos !

  • Darcy Janes Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:50

    I have been looking at these for awhile. Would love to win them

  • Cindy Berry Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:50

    This is an exciting giveaway! I’ve been trying to budget for months to get these color cubes, but being RSFI’s it’s tough! I would love to win this one! Thanks Jennifer and Steve, and little Rose, for all your entertaining and useful videos!

  • Julia Hames Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:51

    Loved the YouTube Video! Thank you.

  • Linda Crowley Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:52

    A fantastic giveaway and video!

  • DIANA DILLON Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:52

    Love watching Sarah and this coloring cube would be a wonderful win. Thank you for this great give away!

  • Darlene Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:52

    I really enjoyed watching the interview of Sarah and learning about the color cubes and the various applications it can be used for. It’s a good way to branch out from the usual colors I tend to pick for coloring with various mediums I use in card making and crafts.

  • Gayle Godwin Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:53

    I have been wanting to get these! Hope I win! Good luck everyone!

  • Susan Ball Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:54

    I usually work with watercolors, but trying watercolor pencils made me become interested in prismacolor pencils. I enjoy so much watching and listening to you as you introduce, demonstrate, and review tools that are new to me. THANKS!!

  • Michelle Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:54

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win the color cube. I have had it on my wish list for a long time. I have not yet been able to afford it. Good luck to everyone who has entered, it will be great addition to anyone’s craft area.

  • Shelly Castille Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:56

    Thank you for these giveaways and all of the informative videos you produce.

  • Michael Peters Apr 10, 2024 @ 18:57

    I have admired Sarah and her amazing products for quite a while I am glad her CUBE is doing so well!

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    Great competitions. Thank you for such generous prizes.

  • Jennifer Brackett Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:02

    I love your videos! Right now, I own the complete 180 Black Widow colored pencils and the 120 Star Joy Gold. I haven’t ever used a Prismacolor pencils. I hope get the 150 set one day soon. I just ordered the Black Widow Tri-tone book. I hope this will help me pick my colors better.

  • Laure Eccleston Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:03

    Oh, my goodness! I love the Color Cubes and would love to have a set. I use a color wheel but still have a hard time choosing a color palette and sticking to it! Maybe this would be a help for me. I especially like the fact that each color has a light, medium, and dark, I sometimes find it hard to pick those out myself.

  • Joy C Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:04

    Thank you for an amazing giveaway!

  • sarah lane Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:05

    I have a really hard time pulling colors from a color to understand what colors make up certain colors and I think the color cube may help.

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    I love ❤️ the Sarah’s cube participation in tonight’s video.

  • Ivy Allen Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:13

    Love the work you and Steve are doing. Thank you so very much!!! Ivy

  • Ivy Allen Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:14

    Love the work you and Steve are doing. Thank you!!!!

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    Wow such an awesome gift. I struggle with color and this would be a great help. I love your color book, but more than anything I love learning from you.

  • Sophie Ellie Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:23

    I have been looking at these cubes for months! I watch Sarah’s channel and love her dedication to putting out an excellent product.

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    The Color Cubes are a wonderful tool for choosing color themes. Sarah and you are a perfect pair!

  • Sue Hulton Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:27

    Just wondered if people in Canada are able to win

  • Muriel Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:42

    I have been inspired by your coloring videos for years! I so appreciate you explaining the color wheel, how to choose colors, and so much more! Watching you ignited a creative thirst that I never thought I had inside of me as I’m not artistic like others in my family. These color cubes are amazing. I actually just splurged on a set earlier this month and received mine a couple of days ago before I saw your unboxing video, but would love to gift a set to my sister if I were to win. Thanks for inspiring me for years!

  • Crystal Franklin Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:42

    Love your channel! So excited about the Sarah Renae Clark color cube giveaway! Thank you, to you, Steve and Sarah for the opportunity! You all are super awesome! Stay blessed!

  • Beth Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:43

    You are amazing. I love seeing how you & your husband work together. You are truly inspiring.

  • Lizzbeth Raliff Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:48

    I have been wanting these since they first came out but as I’m disabled and on a fixed income i don’t see being able to get anytime soon…thank for this opportunity…and by the way absolutely love watching all your review and face off videos..thank you for all you and your husband do and Rosie too(sorry if i spelled it wrong)

  • Tiffany Baker Apr 10, 2024 @ 19:49

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway. I’ve wanted to get my hands on the color cubes for a while but being on a disability income makes it difficult to splurge on things. You and Sarah are so sweet to give us this opportunity

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    Love your videos. It brings me joy to watch your channel ☺️

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    Thank you for sharing your talent and experience.

  • Kimberley Mayberry Apr 10, 2024 @ 20:10

    Thank you for reminding me about these I would love a set and have been saving up for a set but If I win then I can buy more coloring books and colored pencils that I want.

  • Sandra Alexander Apr 10, 2024 @ 20:26

    I’m so excited about this Giveaway! I’ve wanted these color cubes since Sarah released them! I just don’t have the means to buy them. Prayers and fingers crossed for my chance! 🤣❤️❤️

  • Grace Marie Smith Apr 10, 2024 @ 20:40

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    I have the digital version but I’d like to get the cubes for in hand use. Thank you for the opportunity and for everything you have taught me.

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    Thank you so much for offering these cubes as a giveaway. I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos on YouTube. I always learn a lot.

  • Sonalika S Apr 10, 2024 @ 21:03

    Wow!Another giveaway and another chance to win hoping for this time With first comment. I wish to win these amazing fabulous color cube btw thanks for this chance. please let me be your winner of this giveaway.i hope you get 100k subscriber soon, lots of love from your subscriber…. Have a great day

  • Gerald de Guzman Apr 10, 2024 @ 21:09

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  • Gerald de Guzman Apr 10, 2024 @ 21:09

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    As someone who struggles with picking the right color, the cubes take the guess work out which I absolutely love. Would definitely like to win them.

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  • jumperj101 Apr 10, 2024 @ 21:42

    Love the color cubes, was hoping y’all had heard of them!

  • jumperj101 Apr 10, 2024 @ 21:42

    Love the color cubes, was hoping y’all had heard of them! ❤️

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    I was just thinking about how useful these would be and was super excited to get the email that you were doing a giveaway!

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    I am burgeoning artist (at 64). I have just started this year with watercolor paints/penciks and am excited to see your work. I am picking up tips and tricks from lots of folks in different mediums and look forward to what I will learn here.

  • Mendy Burgasser Apr 10, 2024 @ 22:34

    I am burgeoning artist (at 64). I have just started this year with watercolor paints/pencils and am excited to see your work. I am picking up tips and tricks from lots of folks in different mediums and look forward to what I will learn here.

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    I have been contemplating getting a colour cube for some time now but as yet I’ve not been able to afford to so to have a chance of winning one is fantastic, I’m keeping everything crossed!

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    Just joined with the annual membership. So far I’m very impressed with the quality of all the books and materials I have downloaded and printed. Can’t wait to get started with the academy course work. Thanks for including black widow pencils in the downloads. I also use Prismacolor and very much enjoy the materials using them.

  • Steve Apple Apr 11, 2024 @ 1:07

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    A big thanks too for ALL your content. I eagerly await all your videos!! 🙂

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  • Annette Apr 17, 2024 @ 19:05

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