How to Color a Flower with Colored Pencils

These are my 5 favorite steps to coloring a flower using colored pencils. Following these steps will give you beautiful, consistent results every time! In fact, I use these coloring techniques for more than just flower coloring pages–I use them in almost everything I color.

See below for even more coloring tips, tricks and tutorials. Learn how to color with colored pencils, how to pick colors, how to find a light source and much more!

How to Color a Flower

  1. Choose a Color Scheme then Pick & Map Your Colors.
  2. Choose a Light Source then Light Map the Highlights & Shadows.
  3. Color & Blend the Remaining Colors Following Your Light Map.
  4. Enhance the Contrast in the Shadows & Highlights Using Your Lightest & Darkest Colors.
  5. Smooth the Blends with a Colorless Blender.
  6. BONUS: Create a Strategic Background that Directs the Viewers Eye.

Flower Download (Free for a Limited Time)



Finished Coloring Page

Colored Flower on Tan

Real-Time Color-Along

Follow along in real-time as I color this flower from start to finish. Get even more in-depth coloring knowledge as I apply several techniques and even have to fix a mistake.

Luminance Coloring Session

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Coloring Tutorials

Get more coloring training with our “Coloring Workshops.” With over 200 hours of video tutorials, we’re sure to have something you’re looking for. Click below to learn more.

Coloring Bliss Workshops

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  • Jennifer Becton Apr 14, 2022 @ 8:14

    Love the flower. Thanks for the printable!

  • Marilyn Whiteley Apr 14, 2022 @ 9:48

    Jennifer you are so very talented. Love your work. Love that you have these giveaways. Thanks so much for everything.


  • Irene callahan Apr 27, 2022 @ 13:56

    Was so happy to have the printable to practice your techniques. Thank you so much.

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