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Would you like to become a better colorist? Then watch these archived videos and downloads from the weekly Bliss Partner Workshops. Note that you must be a Bliss Partner to watch these workshops.

Color Theory Color Wheel

Color Theory | Week 2 | Understanding a Color Wheel

Week 2 is all about Understanding an Artist's Color Wheel–the information on it, how to use it, how it can help you

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Color Theory Week 1

Color Theory | Week 1 | Premium Color Scheme Selector

Week 1 of our color theory workshops focuses on better understanding our Premium Color Scheme Selector tool–why we created it, how to

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Watercolor Week 5 Mixed-Media

Water Friendly Media | Week 5 | Water-Based Mixed-Media Coloring

In Week 5 we take what we've learned and combine them to color a coloring page using water-based mixed-media tools!    

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Color Theory Workshops

Color Theory (May 2019)

Let's get colorful this month with color theory! Specifically, let's learn how to use color theory to make us better colorists. Watch

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Watercolor Week 4

Water Friendly Media | Week 4 | Water-Based Markers & Brush Pens

Week 4 is all about watercolor markers and brush pens; including, Tombow Dual Brush Markers, Crayola Super-Tips, Jane Davenport Aquapastels, and more!

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Watercolor Workshop | Week 3

Water Friendly Media | Week 3 | Water Soluble Pencils & Crayons

Week 3 will focus on water soluble colored pencils & crayons like Derwent Inktense, Derwent Graphitint, Prismacolor Water Soluble, Derwent Aquatone, Jane Davenport

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Watercolor Brush Pens & Paper Treatments

Water Friendly Media | Week 2 | Waterbrush Pens & Paper Treatments

Week 2 continues with testing various treatments to make paper water safe for colorists. We also spend some time learning how to

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Watercolor Paper for Colorists

Water Friendly Media | Week 1 | Watercolor Paper

Week 1 starts with testing watercolor paper for colorists. Paper is so important when it comes to coloring with water-based and water-friendly

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Coloring Gems and Glass

Coloring Objects | Week 4 | Coloring Gems & Glass

Week 4 continues coloring some more objects like gems and glass. You get to choose whichever coloring tool you wish.    

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Coloring with Water-Friendly Media

Water Friendly Media (April 2019)

It's time for "April Showers: Coloring with Water-Friendly Media." This month we're focusing on water-based coloring! Watch Workshop Here:   Watch

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Coloring Eyes and Gems

Coloring Objects | Week 3 | Coloring Eyes & Gems

Week 3 continues coloring some more objects like eyes and gems. You get to choose whichever coloring tool you wish.    

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Objects Coloring Workshop Week 2

Coloring Objects | Week 2 | Coloring Fabric & Lips

Week 2 continues coloring some more objects like various fabrics and more lips. You get to choose whichever coloring tool you wish.

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March 2019 Workshop - Week 1

Coloring Objects | Week 1 | Coloring Simple Objects

Week 1 starts with coloring some basic objects like wood, leaves and lips. You get to choose whichever coloring tool you wish.

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March 2019 Coloring Workshop | Coloring Objects

Coloring Objects Workshops (March 2019)

For March we're focusing on coloring objects, from simple to complex, using mixed-media, so you get to use whichever coloring tools you

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Alcohol Markers Week 4

Alcohol Markers | Week 4 | Mixed-Media & Backgounds with Alcohol Markers

Week 4 will focus on using markers to color backgrounds, as well as mixing other coloring tools with markers–such as colored pencils,

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Alcohol Markers Week 3

Alcohol Markers | Week 3 | Applying What We’ve Learned About Alcohol Markers

Week 3 will take what we've learned so far and apply it to real coloring situations such as coloring fur, hair, skin,

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Getting More Out of Your Alcohol Markers

Alcohol Markers | Week 2 | Getting More Out of Your Alcohol Markers

Week 2 will focus on blending odd and distant color combinations; how to best use the transparent properties of alcohol marker ink;

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Coloring Workshops Week 5 - Alcohol Markers

Alcohol Markers | Week 1 | Getting Comfortable with Alcohol Markers

Week 1 of Alcohol Markers focuses on getting comfortable with your markers. We'll discuss basic strokes, as well as two and three

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February 2019 Workshops Alcohol Markers

Alcohol Markers Workshops (February 2019)

Alcohol-based markers were the clear poll winner for our February 2019 workshop topic, so let's dive in and learn how to get

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How to Create Highlights and Shadows

Colored Pencils | Week 4 | How to Create Dimension with Shadows and Highlights

Week 4: Are you ready for another challenging but fun workshop that can take your coloring from mediocre to amazing?! This workshop

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How to Color Skin Tones Featured Image

Colored Pencils | Week 3 | How to Color Skin Tones with Colored Pencils

Week 3 puts our blending skills to work as we learn to create beautiful skin tones in our art. We discuss why skin

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Coloring Workshop Week 2

Colored Pencils | Week 2 | How to Get Beautiful Colored Pencil Blends

Week 2 teaches you how to get beautiful blends with your colored pencils. You'll learn "Jennifer's Rule of Blending Thirds" as well

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January 2019 Coloring Workshops - Colored Pencils

Colored Pencil Workshops (January 2019)

To kick off our new Bliss Partner membership level we decided to focus on one of Jennifer's favorite coloring tools–colored pencils. Each

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How to Evaluate Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils | Week 1 | How to Evaluate Colored Pencils

Week 1: Let's start our coloring workshops with Jennifer's favorite coloring tools–colored pencils! We'll focus on How to Evaluate Colored Pencils and

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