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Improve your coloring and get inspired by watching Jennifer’s real-time coloring sessions. Watch as she completes a coloring page from start to finish. Learn her tips and tricks for coloring with colored pencils, markers, gel pens and more! Note that you must be a Bliss Apprentice or Bliss Partner to watch these sessions.

Coloring a Giant Mandala

Coloring Session | Watercolor | Giant Mandala

Watch as I color my giant mandala using Van Gough and Master's Touch watercolors. Download a coloring page sized version of this mandala (see

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Mandala Coloring Session with Waterbrush Pens

Coloring Session | Watercolor Brush Pens | Mandala

Watch as I color this mandala using watercolor brush pens. You can find this mandala in the free bonus download of Mandala Bliss,

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Lucky Kisses Frog Colored

Coloring Session | Mixed-Media | Lucky Kisses

Watch as I color this "Lucky Kisses" Frog coloring page using a variety of mixed-media including the Tim Holtz Distress Mini Inks.

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Coloring Session - Tombow Markers - Romantic Couple

Coloring Session | Tombow Markers | Romantic Couple

Watch as I color this romantic coloring page using the Tombow brush tip water-based markers.

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Unicorn Coloring Session

Coloring Session | Mixed Media | Unicorn

Watch as I color this unicorn coloring page using a variety of mixed media including markers, gel pens and soft pastels.

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Masquerade Coloring Session

Coloring Session | Prismacolor Premier | Masquerade

Watch as I color this masquerade coloring page using prismacolor premier colored pencils with a Caliart alcohol marker base layer.

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Celtic Owl Coloring Session with Markers and Gel Pens

Coloring Session | Markers & Gel Pens | Celtic Owl

Watch as I color this celtic owl using a monochromatic color palette with Blick Studio brush markers and a variety of gel

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Polychromos Coloring Session

Coloring Session | Polychromos Colored Pencils | Rose

Watch my start to finish coloring of a pretty rose using Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils.

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Coloring Session with Blick Studio Markers

Coloring Session | Blick Studio Markers | North Pole

Watch me color, from start to finish, my North Pole holiday coloring page from my coloring book Holiday Bliss, Volume 1. I

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