Cat Sleeping Coloring Art

“Home is Where the Cat Sleeps” is inspired by my sweet kitty Meeshka, this coloring page is dedicated to our wonderful, sleepy furry cat friends who find the most interesting and charming places to sleep around the home. I love it when Meeshka wraps his tail around his body during his naps.

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Artist: Jennifer Stay

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  • Karma Lewis Feb 17, 2017 @ 13:34

    Hi, Jennifer. I was looking through your website and happened upon your lovely drawing of Meeska! I just adore kitties and hope someday to run a kitty sanctuary. Then, I tried to download the page. 🙁 I am not a Premium Member and as much as I would LOVE to be, I cannot afford the monthly membership fee. I have a suggestion for you that may or may not be feasible. For your premium pages, would it be possible to make them free for Premium members and then purchasable to those who want them but are not members? I would be happy to make the occasional purchase of pages that I adore even though I cannot afford a monthly membership fee. I’m sure you have other followers who would gladly do the same, whether through your website or Etsy or another shop. Just an idea I thought I’d send your way! Thank you so much for the free pages that you do share with us so generously!

    • Jennifer Stay Feb 17, 2017 @ 18:06

      Thank you for the suggestion Karma–I’ll definitely consider that. 🙂

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