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Free Coloring Pages by Jennifer Stay

Beautiful, hand-drawn coloring pages in high resolution pdf format. Download, print and color free coloring pages for adults now.

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About Me

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Jennifer Stay with Maltese Dog Rose

Hi! My name is Jennifer Stay. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. First and foremost I’m a mom to two amazing boys who are growing up too fast. I’m a wife to the love of my life for over 20 years, and I’m the best friend to the sweetest maltese dog in

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

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Featured Valentine's Coloring Pages

Love is in the air so it's time to download some Valentine's Coloring Pages! So get out your colored pencils, gel pens, markers or whichever coloring tools you love most and color some of these beautiful pages for the Valentines in your life. <3 Please note that these coloring pages are only available to my Free Bliss members

Alcohol Markers Purchasing Advice

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Studio 71 Markers

As with most art supplies, you get what you pay for in the alcohol marker world, so let me give you some general advice on how to find the best alcohol markers for you: It’s all about the tips! Most artists agree that having a good brush tip makes blending colors and laying down a

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils | Skin Tone Swatches v2

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Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Skin Tone Swatches

Design Option 2 of my favorite Prisma skin tones. (Inspired by a tool I saw used by Kirsty Partridge Art.) See Design Option 1 here: Here's a link to download my Skin Tone Coloring Practice Worksheet: If you like my drawings, please follow me socially: FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE | PINTEREST | GOOGLE+

Skin Tones Practice Worksheet

– Posted in: Bliss Partner Downloads
Skin Tone Coloring Practice Worksheet

I created this worksheet to help you practice coloring skin tones. I would recommend printing it onto paper that best matches the coloring medium you plan to use, such as colored pencils, markers or mixed media. Here is a link to download my Prismacolor Premier Skin Tone Colored Pencils worksheet: If you like my drawings, please

What is the Softest Colored Pencil?

– Posted in: Coloring
What are the softest colored pencils?

I tested over 40 different colored pencils to figure out which one was the softest! There were definitely some surprises. For example, Pelikan made it into the top 13, while Caran D'ache Luminance was towards the bottom! But as I pointed out in the video, softness is only one of many different factors that make

Download New Year’s Coloring Pages

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New Year's Gnome Couple

I hope everyone is enjoying a colorful holiday season. I have been drawing a few last coloring pages for 2018 and thinking back on all the events and accomplishments of the year. Most of all, I am proud of each of you and the progress we've made individually and as a community. We have some