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About Me

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Jennifer Stay with Maltese Dog Rose

Hi! My name is Jennifer Stay. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. First and foremost I’m a mom to two amazing boys who are growing up too fast. I’m a wife to the love of my life for over 20 years, and I’m the best friend to the sweetest maltese dog in

What does “Strength” mean to you?

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"Strength" Coloring Page and Message

During my first Facebook LIVE event of 2018 I introduced a new coloring page that I drew to honor those in my community and family who inspire me with their strength in the face of great adversity. As many of you know I suffer from chronic health issues that make even simple, daily tasks a

Studio 71 Dual-Tip Markers

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Studio 71 Markers Color Swatch Chart

I recently purchased and reviewed the Studio 71 Dual-Tip Markers. What attracted me to these markers is that they are remarkably similar to the Blick Illustrator markers (which I really like) but they have more colors–70 total. So I purchased the 48 set and then bought the remaining 22 open stock (another thing I like

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

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Featured Valentine's Coloring Pages

Valentine's Day Giveaway Love is in the air so it's time to download some Valentine's Coloring Pages! So get out your colored pencils, gel pens, markers or whichever coloring tools you love most and color some of these beautiful pages for the Valentines in your life. <3 Please note that these coloring pages are only available

Download New Year’s Coloring Pages

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New Year's Gnome Couple

I hope everyone is enjoying a colorful holiday season. I have been drawing a few last coloring pages for 2017 and thinking back on all the events and accomplishments of the year. Most of all, I am proud of our new Bliss Print Shop and that it represents a new talent born from physical harship,

Christmas Coloring Pages

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Christmas Coloring Pages

With over 30 Christmas coloring pages available to download, your holiday season is about to get colorful! Browse the images below and click on those you'd like to download, print and color. Please note that these coloring pages are available to my Free Members for only a limited time during the Christmas season. However, they

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

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2016 Thanksgiving and Autumn Coloring Pages

It's Thanksgiving and Autumn in my part of the world. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It is filled with comforting foods, warm hugs, cozy conversations, and happy thoughts about the many blessings I am surrounded with. This year I am especially thankful for all of colorful friends. Your numbers have grown here

My Great Ink Adventure!

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New Free Coloring Page & Coloring Bag Giveaway

Inktober is here! Come join me on my great ink adventure. ;) For a limited time come download this free coloring page in celebration of #inktober! 1. SWIFT 2. DIVIDED 3. POISON 4. UNDERWATER 5. LONG 6. SWORD 7. SHY 8. CROOKED 9. SCREECH 10. GIGANTIC 11. RUN 12. SHATTERED 13. TEEMING 14. FIERCE

DIY Portable Art Blending Kit

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DIY Portable Art Blending Kit

I take my blending kit with me wherever I go. It contains everything I need for blending colored pencils, gel pens and markers. I can even use it with water color pencils and paints. It's easy to make, small and portable and lots of fun! Here are the items needed for your own DIY