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You’ll Get Instant Access to OVER 100 HOURS of My Coloring Workshop Videos!

Improve your coloring skills with instant access to ALL of my previously-recorded Coloring Workshops, plus you get to attend my live weekly workshop classes. We have a ton of fun learning and growing together.


Colored Pencils Workshop Series
Alcohol Marker Workshop Series
Coloring Objects Workshop Series

Watercolor Workshop Series
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Grayscale Coloring Series

And Many More!

I joined Coloring Bliss last summer. When the opportunity to become a Bliss Partner, I jumped at the chance. We have chosen the subjects that we would like to learn. Spending a month on each area seems to work well. I enjoy being able to learn different things such as blending and shading. I love the friends in the group. I love being able to share and offer opinions. Steve and Jennifer are great teachers and friends. The best thing that I have been able to do is to muster the courage to try my brush pens. ~LIBBY S.

PLUS, Access to OVER 30 HOURS of My Real-Time Coloring Session Videos!

Instant Access to ALL of my pre-recorded Real-Time Coloring Sessions where you get to watch my entire coloring process from start to finish.

Mandala Coloring Session with Waterbrush Pens
Lucky Kisses Frog Colored
Coloring Session - Tombow Markers - Romantic Couple

I have been with Coloring Bliss for a year and have learned much more than I could have imagined. I still have some trouble in many areas but Jennifer and Steve have shown me that with practice, I can do anything. I am 77 yrs old and as they say you can teach an old dog new tricks; lol. This couple works hard for their partners and we really appreciate it. For all the information you receive the cost is negligible. ~JACK B.

PLUS, $70 WORTH of Free Bonus Downloads!

When you sign up you also get a Free Bonus package worth $70!
You get free digital copies of…

  • “Teresa Ivanore’s Prismacolor® Color Combinations: Volume 1, Colored Version” ($30 value!!!)
  • “Mandala Bliss, Volume 1“ ($15 value)
  • “Swatch Bliss Volume 4” ($15 value)
  • “Holiday Tags & Cards Set” ($10 value)

Teresa Ivanore Color Combos Volume 1
Digital Version of Mandala Bliss, Volume 1
Swatch Bliss - Volume 4 - Digital Download
Holiday Tags & Cards Set - Digital Download

I truly believe that the small fee I have spent to become a partner at Coloring Bliss has been some of the most well spent money. I became a partner as soon as it went public. Through Jennifer and Steve I have learned so much. My husband noticed how I have improved. They have put and continue to put so much time and thought as well as preparation in to each and every class. Through the partnership program I have also gained confidence in my coloring as well as myself. I am forever grateful. ~POLLY W.

PLUS, Dozens of Coloring TOOLS & WORKSHEETS

Improve your coloring knowledge and techniques with instant access to ALL of my coloring tools, worksheets & swatch charts.

Colored Pencil Testing Worksheet
Skin Tone Coloring Practice Worksheet
Coloring Pages Bliss - Premium Color Scheme Selector

I have been a member of Coloring Bliss for many years. When Steve and Jennifer offered the membership levels I joined as a Bliss Partner and never regretted. Every week during the live events they offer so much information and worksheets it’s awesome. I have learned so much from Jennifer that my coloring has improved so much. I would recommend anyone that likes to color to join one of the levels they are well worth it. ~NANCY F


And you’ll have plenty of coloring pages on which to practice your newfound coloring skills with immediate access to my entire library of hand-drawn coloring pages!

Owl Coloring Page
Baby Scandinavian Gnome Color Page
Flowers and Paisley Silhouette of Woman with the Words I Am Strong
Spring Bunny and Flowers

I joined the Bliss Partners when it started. This has been a unique opportunity to be able to meet and discuss topics around coloring with like minded individuals. It is a positive supportive environment. We all color for different reasons, and here I dont feel like a burden. I suffer from chronic pain and I have good days and bad days and not always up to chatting, and thats ok here. During the group workshops you choose how active you want to be. Jennifer snd Steve are super cute together. They go the distance to support the Partners with worksheets, and other freebies. We -the partners- choose the topics for class and it changes every month. If you are unsure about a topic show up anyway. You never know might like the topic, but did not know how to start. Just beware FSS is contagious. ~ROBIN J.

PLUS, You Get 20% OFF of Every Purchase in My Coloring Bliss Print Shop!

Wait until you try MY PAPER–you are going to love it! Plus, you get to customize each book you purchase–you choose the paper, the art, the binding & more!

Build a Custom Coloring Book
Holiday Bliss Volume 1 Coloring Book
Swatch Bliss - Volume 1 - 60 Pages Cover
Bliss Coloring Paper Sampler

I joined Coloring Bliss last year and have found it to be one of the best, most informative and most fun groups on FB. Jennifer and Steve put their whole heart and soul into going that extra mile for us. I have improved so much and I look forward to the weekly session with excitement !. Everyone has become like family to me. Not only do they teach us, help us, make us feel so very comfortable but they also make us laugh. My anxiety has gone from I’d say 90% down to about 10% and I know its because of sweet Jennifer and Steve. ~BEVERLY W.

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I started watching Coloring Bliss just a little over a year ago when I stumbled onto her Youtube channel and the “Jennifer’s Rule of Blending Thirds” videos. I was hooked. I watched every video I could and then realized she has a website where she offered the best art work to download for free!! Not only that, I could access awesome coloring theory tools for a small donation of $5. I never stopped donating because Jennifer and her husband Steve kept producing amazing materials to enjoy coloring and learning. I joined Bliss Partners when it was offered thinking it would be a great way to give back to the Stays but what a gift I’ve received in return! I love the monthly topics that we pick together as a group. I think I won’t like something but I try new tools and techniques and I’m enjoying another media. I would never have tried alcohol markers or watercolor if it hadn’t been for Bliss Partners and now I love them all!!! I’m also grateful for the camaraderie of the group. I enjoy interacting with other people who share my enthusiasm for coloring!! I feel blessed to be part of the Coloring Bliss family. Thank you Jennifer Jensen Stay and Steve Stay! ~STEFANI C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? Find answers to common questions below.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $25.00 (US) per month or $250.00 (US) per year.

Is it a monthly subscription?

The $25 per Month option is a monthly subscription. The $250 per Year option is a one-time payment with an option to make it a yearly subscription at checkout.

Do I get to access all of the content immediately?

Such as the videos, live workshops, bonus downloads, worksheets, coloring pages & print shop discount?

Yes! You get to access all of our content immediately.

Can I cancel and how do I do it?

Yes, you can cancel any time. There is a cancel option in our software that you can click to do it yourself, or you can email support and we’ll do it for you. We want the process to be easy and painless so you feel comfortable coming and going as your budget allows.

If I cancel, do I still get access to all of the bonuses and content?

Yes, if you cancel you still get to download and access ALL of the content and bonuses throughout the remainder of your monthly or yearly payment period. For example, say you subscribed on the 15th of the month and then canceled on the 30th of that same month–you would still be able to access ALL of the content and downloads until the 15th of the next month.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit/debit cards and PayPal.

How do I subscribe?

Just click one of the green “SIGN ME UP” buttons below to be taken to our website where you can setup your membership account and pay.

Bliss Partner (Monthly)

Bliss Partner (Yearly)

Get 2 Months Free!


To be a Bliss Partner is to be a family. A family of colorists watching weekly coloring workshops with the Stay family. I never feel as if I am just watching; I feel that I’m actually participating. While Jennifer teaches the topic of the week, Steve is busy reading our questions out loud to Jennifer, and she responds to our questions. It makes me feel special. Also, as a Bliss Partner, not only do you get to participate in the weekly workshops, but you have free access to dozens of free coloring pages that are not available to non-members, and they give discounted prices on their coloring books. And speaking of coloring books, instead of buying just a coloring book, Coloring Bliss gives you the option of choosing your favorite Jennifer Stay (artist) coloring pages. Your book will be printed on the finest paper and bound. I have learned so many wonderful techniques from Jennifer. She takes me out of my comfort zone and teaches me to hang in there and try! We can post our work into our very own special Facebook group called Bliss Partners! Oh! The best part of being a Bliss Partner? Steve and Jennifer give away a $20 Amazon gift certificate every week. I get excited when I know Tuesday is coming near, because I get to be with my Bliss Partner family! ~CAROLYN S.


Have you ever wanted to attend a coloring class or conference that was geared just towards you and your coloring? Well that’s the feeling this level is intended to give. It’s like you’re sitting next to me in my studio and we get to learn and collaborate together.

For only $25 per month you get:

  • THANK YOU: A Big “Wow! Thank You!” and a Giant Virtual Blissful Hug from Jennifer & Steve.
  • APPRENTICE BENEFITS: All of the benefits of a Bliss Apprentice, PLUS…
  • COLORING WORKSHOPS: A weekly live workshop where we work on the coloring tools and techniques YOU want to learn.
    • You get to vote on the content covered.
    • You will have a chance to get all of your questions answered.
    • This gives me a chance to really focus on YOU.
    • From time to time you will also get exclusive worksheets and tools to support what we’re learning.
  • WORKSHOPS ARCHIVE: Unlimited access to a growing video archive of these weekly workshops.
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: Private access to the Bliss Partner facebook group.
  • FREE BONUSES: A Free Bonus package worth $70! You get free digital copies of my “Holiday Tags & Cards Set”…a $10 value; “Swatch Bliss Volume 4”…a $15 value; “Mandala Bliss, Volume 1“…a $15 value; and “Teresa Ivanore’s Prismacolor® Color Combinations: Volume 1, Colored Version”…a $30 value!!!
  • STORE DISCOUNT: A 20% Discount in the Coloring Bliss Shop
  • Yearly Members get 2 Months Free! (Select the “Yearly” option below.)
  • Partner with us to help achieve our vision for Coloring Bliss!
  • See the Bliss Partner Downloads page here:

Bliss Partner (Monthly)

Bliss Partner (Yearly)

Get 2 Months Free!


I started following Coloring Bliss when Jennifer first started, at that stage I was a Premium member and loved getting Jennifer’s unique and pretty coloring pages. As I work part time and live in South Africa, my funds are fairly limited, so when the partners started, I thought that perhaps it was a bit too expensive for me, I watched all of their ‘open’ Youtube videos and so love their personality and all that you learn, that I decided to take a chance and see if I could afford it “just for a few months” well, it’s now been over six months and I simply LOVE being a partner. To start with, there are many downloads and worksheets that would cost money if I bought them without being a partner, as a partner, they are free. I have received two pdf books for free – one is a fantastic swatch book that I have printed and love to use, the other is a Mandala book that I’ve also printed.
I have learned so much about color and various techniques in such a fun way that I didn’t even realize I was learning, until a page I was doing troubled me, and then I heard Jen’s voice in my head and realized I was breaking color theory ‘rules’ and so was able to sort my problem out.
I really love being a partner, I really and truly recommend them very highly. Steve has so much information about paper, and light and using the computer and Jen has so much information about coloring and art, so the two make a perfect and complementary pair, along with their darling Maltese Poodle, Rose.
As well as teaching, they TRULY inspire me and make me happy. When I feel slightly down, I love to watch their videos and they make me happy again. ~LIZ W.


We offer flexible payment options:

  1. Pay monthly with Debit/Credit card or PayPal.
  2. Pay yearly with Debit/Credit card, PayPal or Check.
  3. You can cancel as well as upgrade or downgrade levels any time.