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Coloring Workshop Schedule & Information

Join us weekly for your Bliss Partner Coloring Workshop! Participate in our Bliss Partners Facebook Group to vote on the workshop topics you would like to learn about.

Every Tuesday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
(Mountain Standard Time – Salt Lake City, Utah)

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If you’re unable to make it, don’t worry…you can catch a replay in the Coloring Workshops Archive (See Below)

Our next workshop will be held next Tuesday, June 25th!



Bliss Partner Bonus Downloads ($70 Value!)

As a big “Thank You!” for being one of our Bliss Partners we are excited to give you the following bonuses!

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Mandala Bliss, Volume 1 – Digital Download

Mandala Bliss Volume 1 Digital Download
Exlusive Free Bonus for our Bliss Colorists, Bliss Apprentices & Bliss Partners! ($15 Value) This is a digital version of ...
Download Now

Holiday Gift Tags & Cards Set – Digital Download

Coloring Bliss Holiday Tags & Cards
Exlusive Free Bonus for our Bliss Apprentices & Bliss Partners! ($10 Value) The Holiday Gift Tags & Cards Set is a ...
Download Now

Teresa Ivanore’s Prismacolor® Color Combinations: Volume 1, Colored Version

Prismacolor Premier Color Combinations
Exlusive Free Bonus for our Bliss Partners! ($30 Value) In collaboration with Teresa Ivanore, we have made Volume 1 of ...
Download Now

Bliss Partner Downloads

Exclusive Downloads that are only available to YOU our Bliss Partners!

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Coloring Practice Worksheets – Soap Bubbles

Soap Bubbles Coloring Worksheet
Coloring practice worksheets for my Bliss Partners to accompany the Coloring Objects Workshop. Practice coloring soap bubbles on both white ...
Download Now

Coloring Practice Worksheets – Reflectives 2

Coloring Practice Worksheet - Reflectives 2
Coloring practice worksheets for my Bliss Partners to accompany the Coloring Objects Workshop. Practice coloring reflective objects. Download by Logging ...
Download Now

Daffodil Grayscale Coloring Page

Daffodil Grayscale Photo
Grayscale coloring page for my Bliss Partners. Daffodil photo, stylized and converted to grayscale. Download by Logging In or Become ...
Download Now

Coloring Workshops Archive

Coloring Workshops Archive

Missed one of our weekly workshops? Don’t worry, you can catch a replay here!

Colored Pencils Workshop Series
Alcohol Marker Workshop Series
Coloring Objects Workshop Series
Watercolor Workshop Series

Click LOAD MORE below to see all Workshops…

Coloring Objects | July Week 2 | Soap Bubbles

Coloring Workshop | July Week 2 | Coloring Soap Bubbles
Week 2 of July's Coloring Objects workshop has us coloring bubbles! Specifically, we are coloring soap bubbles on a white ...
Watch Now

Coloring Objects | July Week 1 | Glass & Metal

Coloring Glass and Metal Objects
To kick off our second month of coloring objects, we are going to pickup where we left off in March ...
Watch Now

Grayscale | Week 4 | Show & Tell

Grayscale Coloring Week 4 | Show & Tell
Week 4 wraps up our grayscale coloring series with some show and tell photos submitted by members as well as ...
Watch Now

Coloring Sessions

Coloring Sessions

Watch Jennifer’s Real-Time Coloring Sessions here:

Click LOAD MORE below to see all Sessions…

Coloring Session | Watercolor | Giant Mandala

Coloring a Giant Mandala
Watch as I color my giant mandala using Van Gough and Master's Touch watercolors. Download a coloring page sized version ...
Watch Now

Coloring Session | Watercolor Brush Pens | Mandala

Mandala Coloring Session with Waterbrush Pens
Watch as I color this mandala using watercolor brush pens. You can find this mandala in the free bonus download ...
Watch Now

Coloring Session | Mixed-Media | Lucky Kisses

Lucky Kisses Frog Colored
Watch as I color this "Lucky Kisses" Frog coloring page using a variety of mixed-media including the Tim Holtz Distress ...
Watch Now

Coloring Tools

Access the Premium Library Coloring Tools

See all of the Premium Library Coloring Tools here:

Click the images below to download.
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72 Swatches Chart
Mandala Drawing Tools
Lipstick & Lips Swatching Page
1 Page Blank 150 Swatches
Coloring Bliss Feather Swatches
Nail Polish Swatch Page

Coloring Pages

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See all of the Premium Library Coloring Pages here:

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Summer Picnic
Blaze the Morkie
Another Manly Coloring Page
Free Mandala with Inspirational Words
Community Drawn Mandala
Easter Bunny Coloring Page

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  • You can frame it.
  • You can even enlarge it to as much as 11″x14″ without losing much quality.
  • Can be printed over and over again.
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For printing instructions, please visit the following page:


Please note that while I love sharing my drawings with you, they are for personal use only. This means you cannot sell the file or any prints made from it. The artist, Jennifer J. Stay owns all rights to the artwork.


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