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Need more bliss in your life? Become a Bliss Booster! You’re our Patrons, our Backers, our Boosters. It’s because of you that we are able to continue to create coloring pages, tools, tutorials, reviews and more. Without you Coloring Bliss would not be. So thank you!

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Free Bliss


Free Bliss is much more than just free coloring sheets–it’s a free coloring membership filled with art, giveaways, product reviews, tutorials, a coloring community and more! All Free! No trial periods, no payment info required. Simply subscribe and stay subscribed as long as you wish.

For FREE you get:

  • A “Thank You!” from Jennifer & Steve for joining our coloring community!
  • 30 Days of Free Coloring Pages (one download opens up each day for 30 days.)
  • Free Coloring Tools & Worksheets
  • Bonus Social Coloring Pages
  • Bonus Holiday Coloring Pages
  • Bonus Limited Time & Contest Coloring Pages
  • Coloring product reviews.
  • Coloring tutorials and training.
  • No Trial Periods
  • No Payment Info Required
  • See the Free Bliss downloads here:

Free Bliss


Thank Bliss


Want to say “thank you” for the free coloring pages, tutorials, reviews, giveaways, etc.? Then subscribe to our “Thank Bliss” Tip Jar for only $2 per month.

For only $2 per month you get:

Thank Bliss (Monthly)



Bliss Colorist


You love to color–really love to color! And you want all the coloring pages, tools and nicknacks we can give you. As a Bliss Colorist you get access to our Premium Library filled with coloring pages, tools, worksheets & more!

Subscribe now and get a free digital copy of Mandala Bliss, Volume 1 ($15 Value!)

For only $5 per month you get:

  • THANK YOU: A Big “Thank You” and a Virtual Hug from Jennifer & Steve.
  • NOTE: this level is the same as our previous “Premium Membership.”
  • FREE BLISS BENEFITS: All of the Free Bliss & Thank Bliss benefits, PLUS…
  • PREMIUM LIBRARY: Instant access to my Premium library of over 200 of my coloring pages and coloring tools & worksheets!
  • FREE BONUS: Free Digital copy of “Mandala Bliss, Volume 1“…a $15 value!
  • NEW PAGES: New coloring pages rotated in and out of the Premium Library each month.
  • PRIORITY SUPPORT: Priority website support whenever you need help.
  • STORE DISCOUNT: 10% Discount in the Coloring Bliss Shop
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re helping spread Bliss to the world!
  • See the Bliss Colorist downloads here:

Bliss Colorist (Monthly)

Bliss Colorist (Yearly)



Bliss Apprentice


So now that you have access to over 200 coloring pages, come learn what to do with them!

For only $10 per month you get:

  • THANK YOU: A Blissful “Thank You” and a Virtual Blissful Hug from Jennifer & Steve.
  • COLORIST BENEFITS: All of the benefits of a Bliss Colorist, PLUS…
  • COLORING SESSIONS: Instant access to my growing video library of “Coloring Sessions” to inspire and train you.
    • It’s like you’re getting to watch over my shoulder as I complete a coloring page from beginning to end.
      • All real-time…no pauses or edits.
      • You’ll see me problem solve;
      • Talk through my coloring methods and techniques;
      • See both my successes and failures
      • All for the purpose of helping you…
        • become a better colorist
        • Learn how to get the most out of your coloring tools.
        • And to get inspired.
  • FREE BONUSES: Free Digital copies of my “Holiday Tags & Cards Set”…a $10 value; and “Mandala Bliss, Volume 1“…a $15 value!
  • STORE DISCOUNT: A 15% Discount in the Coloring Bliss Shop
  • Yearly Members get 1 Month Free! (Select the “Yearly” option below.)
  • So Pull up a virtual chair and become my coloring apprentice!
  • See the Bliss Apprentice downloads here:

Bliss Apprentice (Monthly)

Bliss Apprentice (Yearly)

Get 1 Month Free!



Bliss Partner


Now this is the level I wish another artist would create that I could participate in! Have you ever wanted to attend a coloring class or conference that was geared just towards you and your coloring? Well that’s the feeling this level is intended to give. It’s like you’re sitting next to me in my studio and we get to learn and collaborate together.

For only $25 per month you get:

  • THANK YOU: A Big “Wow! Thank You!” and a Giant Virtual Blissful Hug from Jennifer & Steve.
  • APPRENTICE BENEFITS: All of the benefits of a Bliss Apprentice, PLUS…
  • COLORING WORKSHOPS: A weekly live workshop where we work on the coloring tools and techniques YOU want to learn.
    • You get to vote on the content covered.
    • You will have a chance to get all of your questions answered.
    • This gives me a chance to really focus on YOU.
    • From time to time you will also get exclusive worksheets and tools to support what we’re learning.
  • WORKSHOPS ARCHIVE: Unlimited access to a growing video archive of these weekly workshops.
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: Private access to the Bliss Partner facebook group.
  • FREE BONUSES: A Free Bonus package worth $70! You get free digital copies of my “Holiday Tags & Cards Set”…a $10 value; “Swatch Bliss Volume 4”…a $15 value; “Mandala Bliss, Volume 1“…a $15 value; and “Teresa Ivanore’s Prismacolor® Color Combinations: Volume 1, Colored Version”…a $30 value!!!
  • STORE DISCOUNT: A 20% Discount in the Coloring Bliss Shop
  • Yearly Members get 2 Months Free! (Select the “Yearly” option below.)
  • Partner with us to help achieve our vision for Coloring Bliss!
  • See the Bliss Partner Downloads page here:

Bliss Partner (Monthly)

Bliss Partner (Yearly)

Get 2 Months Free!


We offer flexible payment options:

  1. Pay monthly with Debit/Credit card or PayPal.
  2. Pay yearly with Debit/Credit card, PayPal or Check.
  3. You can cancel as well as upgrade or downgrade levels any time.