The Best White Colored Pencil!

4 years ago Steve and I tested 28 white colored pencils to see which one we felt at that time was the best. Not surprising, the Caran d’Ache Luminance white pencil came out on top. Since that time our colored pencil collection has grown significantly with new colored pencil products being released yearly. So, we felt it was time for another White Colored Pencil Battle to see which one is our current overall favorite!

Chapter Markers

00:00:00 – Video Introduction
00:02:07 – 7 Important things to know before we get started…PLEASE WATCH BEFORE COMMENTING.
00:04:50 – Swatching All 62 White Colored Pencils
00:06:03 – Scoring All 62 Pencils & Making the First Cut
00:11:28 – How We Tested the White Colored Pencils
00:17:05 – In-Depth Testing of the Best & Worst White Pencils
00:18:49 – The Best White Pencils for Highlights & Details
00:23:14 – The Best White Pencils for Blending
00:25:03 – Testing Results from Worst to Best
00:36:17 – The Best White Colored Pencil Overall
00:37:32 – Final Thoughts & Recommendations

7 Important things to know before we get started…

  • Not everyone is looking for the same thing in a white colored pencil. The judging criteria I chose for this battle is based on the techniques I use and how I expect white colored pencils to perform for me. All results will be posted below for you to look at and consider what is important to you.
  • In these tests I try to focus on performance and be impartial to brand, price, content, and availability. These factors are only considered at the end of the judging.
  • Just because the white pencil in a particular set of colored pencils is disappointing, doesn’t mean the whole set is bad or not worth using.
  • Some of the pencils tested may no longer be available, or may not represent the current pencil formulas being offered by some of the companies and manufacturers.
  • Only 4 water soluble colored pencils were included as contenders in this battle. (3 of these were winners from the Watercolor pencil battle and 1 is a new Stabilo pencil)
  • Having multiple excellent white pencils that each perform one art job very well, may be a better alternative for you than trying to find just 1 white pencil that can do all jobs perfectly.
  • If you have never considered your white colored pencils to be a valuable tool in your coloring arsenal, then join my 3 Part White Pencil Coloring Tutorial Series! I will teach you 5 powerful techniques that turn those white pencils into magic wands that you will never want to live without again.
Exploring White Colored Pencils

How to Color with White Colored Pencils

Join our video tutorial series all about coloring with white colored pencils!

62 White Colored Pencils Tested

Paper Used in Testing

Testing Results!

SPOILER ALERT – Even though neither of them made it to the final round of testing, the Crayola Color Escapes white pencil actually beat the Faber-Castell Polychromos white! This doesn’t mean that it’s “better” than polychromos, it just means that it performed better on black paper in these specific tests that we did. Polychromos is by far a better product! But it was surprising how well the Color Escapes did–it scored a 5.

Best Overall White Pencil

19 pencils tested and listed in order from Best to Worst (with their First-Round scores in parentheses):

  1. Derwent Drawing Chinese White 7200 (6)
  2. Prismacolor Premier White PC938 (6)
    1. Also won #3 in the “Blending & Tinting” category
  3. Derwent Coloursoft White C720 (6)
    1. Also won #2 in the “Blending & Tinting” category
  4. Caran d’Ache Luminance White 001 (6)
    1. Also won #1 in the “Blending & Tinting” category
  5. Cretacolor Mega Color Permanent White 01 (5)
  6. Caran d’Ache Pablo White 001 (6)
  7. Derwent Lightfast White LF1 (5)
  8. Faber-Castell Albrecht-Durer White 101 (5)
    1. Also won #1 in the “Battle of the Watercolor Pencils”
  9. Holbein Artists’ Colored Pencil White 500 (5)
  10. Stabilo All 8052 (6)
    1. Also won #3 in the “Details” category
  11. Faber-Castell Goldfaber 101 (6)
  12. Holbein Artists’ Colored Pencil Soft White OP501 (6)
    1. Also won #2 in the “Details” category
  13. Dixon Phano China Marker White 92 (4)
    1. Also won #1 in the “Details” category
  14. Arteza Expert (2021) White Quartz A001 (6)
  15. Mitsubishi Uni Posca Pencil White 1 (6)
  16. Cra-Z-Art White (2)
  17. Chameleon Color Tones Soft White 1-01 (6)
  18. Crayola Twistables (2)
  19. Jane Davenport Magic Wand Pencils Unicorn (2)
White Pencil Shavings

Special Category Results

Best White Pencil for Details and Highlights

19 pencils tested and top 3 selected for special mention:

  1. Dixon Phano China Marker White 92
    1. Placed #13 overall
  2. Holbein Artists’ Colored Pencil Soft White OP501
    1. Placed #12 overall
  3. Stabilo All 8052
    1. Placed #10 overall

Best White Pencil for Blending and Tinting

19 pencils tested and top 3 selected for special mention

  1. Caran d’Ache Luminance White 001
    1. Placed #4 overall
  2. Derwent Coloursoft White C720
    1. Placed #3 overall
  3. Prismacolor Premier White PC938
    1. Placed #2 overall
White Pencil Swatches on Black Paper

Pencils Compared in Swatching

62 total pencils swatched and scored on opacity, appearance, and open stock availability. This was done to more quickly narrow down the finalists. The following pencils did NOT make the cut for testing and are listed alphabetically with their first round score in parentheses. See photos of swatching for their scores.

  1. Amazon Basics White 501 (3)
  2. Artist’s Loft Colored Pencil White (2)
  3. Black Widow Black Widow Casper BW91 (2)
  4. Blick Studio White (2)
  5. Brutfuner 120 Square 032 (4)
  6. Bruynzeel Volkswagon Special (3)
  7. Castle Art Supplies Soft Series (3)
  8. Colleen (5)
  9. ColorIt White Angel C046 (3)
  10. Creative Mark Cazanne 034 (2)
  11. Crayola Classic White (2)
  12. Crayola Color Escapes White (5)
  13. Crayola Signature White (2)
  14. Deli Color Pencil (2)
  15. Derwent Inktense Antique White 2300 (3)
  16. Faber-Castell Bi-Color White (2)
  17. Faber-Castell Classic Colour 301 (2)
  18. Faber-Castell Polychromos White 101 (3)
  19. Koh-I-Noor Polycolor White 1 (2)
  20. Koch-I-Noor Progresso White 3 (2)
  21. Lyra Rembrandt-Polycolor White 2000001 (4)
  22. Maped Color-Peps Xtra White (3)
  23. Marco Raffine 501 (2)
  24. Mr. Pen (2)
  25. Pelikan (3)
  26. Pentel Color Pencil 301 (2)
  27. Prang (2)
  28. Prismacolor Col-Erase White 20055 (2)
  29. Prismacolor Scholar White 338 (6)
  30. Prismacolor Verithin White 734 (3)
  31. Sargent Art White (2)
  32. Sargent Art Construction Paper Pencil White (2)
  33. Schpirerr Farben Exzellent White 010 (3)
  34. Shuttle Art Colored Pencils 180 White 002 (2)
  35. Soho Urban Artist Permanent White 101 (4)
  36. Soucolor Soft Series 001 (2)
  37. Spectrum Colour Blend White (2)
  38. Staedtler 1270 (2)
  39. Studio Series (2)
  40. Thornton’s White 338 (2)
  41. Tombow Recycled Color Pencil 01 (2)
  42. Winsor & Newton White (4)
  43. Zebra Zensations 21 (2)
Exploring White Colored Pencils

How to Color with White Colored Pencils

Join our video tutorial series all about coloring with white colored pencils!

Photos of Testing Results

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that by the time we take a photo, edit it for the web, upload it, and it’s viewed on a wide variety of devices, what you see in these pics is most likely different from what we see in person. But it can still be helpful to see our scores to know what we experienced during testing.


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  • Sylvie Dufour Sep 8, 2021 @ 17:46

    To me the very BEST WITE colored pencil is DRAWING CHINESE WHITE & BLACK PENCILS they are just incridible, usique and blend amazingly well love this white pencil very much!

  • deb Sep 11, 2021 @ 23:56

    Ohmy! How did General’s White Charcoal NOT get included, though!?

    Great and awesome test here! Please keep up the good work!

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