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If you’ve been around Coloring Bliss any length of time you know that Steve and I have a passion for paper! We LOVE high quality paper and enjoy sharing that love with you. Whenever we set about finding a paper for a specific purpose, we do a TON of testing. We spend a lot of time, and often money, in trying to find that perfect paper–be it for colored pencils, markers, mixed-media, watercolor and more.

Learn how to read the label on a package of paper. We also teach you how to match the right paper with the right coloring tools! It makes ALL the coloring difference in the world. We share with you the best paper for colored pencils, markers, mixed-media, watercolor, black and toned.

We’re excited to share with you our current recommendations for our favorite papers for printing coloring pages and coloring.

Recommended Tutorial

Join us as Steve teaches us all about printers and paper in our new video tutorial series “Exploring Home Printing.” Our goal with this workshop is to help you print the highest quality coloring pages that your current printer will allow!

Exploring Home Printers

CLICK HERE: https://www.coloringbliss.com/workshops/exploring-home-printers-partners/

Recommended Paper

Bliss Toned Tan Paper

Bliss Toned Tan Paper

Qty 50 | 80lb (216gsm) | Tan | Vellum Card Stock | 8.5"x11" NOTE: not all coloring tools work well ...

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Bliss Black Mixed-Media Paper

Bliss Black Paper

Qty 50 | 80lb (216gsm) | Black | Vellum Card Stock | 8.5"x11" NOTE: not all coloring tools and printers ...

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Watercolor Paper Info

Bliss Watercolor Paper

Qty 50 | 90lb (146gsm) | Cold Press | Sizing | 8.5"x11" NOTE: this Watercolor Paper has had mixed results ...

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Bliss Paper Sampler with Watercolor Paper

Bliss Paper Sampler – Plus Watercolor

120 Pages | 4 Types of Paper | Printer-Friendly NOTE: the Watercolor Paper has had mixed results when used with ...

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Bliss Coloring Paper Sampler

Bliss Paper Sampler

90 Pages | 3 Types of Paper | Printer-Friendly Sample 3 of my favorite coloring papers: Colored Pencil, Marker & ...

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3 comments… add one
  • Theresa Oct 7, 2021 @ 6:22

    I have a grandson who is turning 11 soon. He loves to draw, paint and color. He is learning (self taught)to use shadowing in his drawings.
    What would you suggest I get the right paper for him?

    • Jennifer Stay Oct 12, 2021 @ 17:02

      That’s wonderful! I would recommend our favorite Mixed-Media paper for him.

  • Ulrike Weber Oct 8, 2021 @ 13:41

    I love the picture in the background, the leafy colour wheel.

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