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Jennifer Stay

Thanksgiving Countdown

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Thanksgiving Countdown

By popular demand, I have created another holiday countdown coloring page–this time it's for Thanksgiving! Because Thanksgiving lands on a different day each year I decided to make it a two week countdown, so you can see when Thanksgiving lands for the year and then count back 14 days to figure out when to start.

Halloween Coloring Pages

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Halloween Coloring Pages

The hauntingly fun days leading up to Halloween are upon us. My neighborhood is turning into a spooky land with ghosts dripping from the trees and eerie cobwebs strung from every doorway. I've been getting in the mood by creating several NEW Halloween themed coloring pages for you to enjoy. I have 2 free coloring pages and

Blending | October Week 1 | Blending 101

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Blending 101

Week 1 of blending discusses several principles and properties of blending that determine how successful you will be at it. See the workshop notes below. Recommended Supplies: Download the worksheet below for review. Purchase a Bliss Paper Sampler if desired for the following weeks. Bliss Paper Sampler: Workshop Notes: BLENDING 101 Understand the properties

Blending (October 2019)

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Blending Series

Blending is one of my most requested teaching topics, and it makes sense–we all love and want to be able to get those beautiful transitions from color to color. This workshop series focuses on not just blending basics, but also how to get beautiful blends with specific coloring tools like colored pencils, markers, gel pens