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Jennifer Stay

Free Blick Studio 96 Brush Markers Swatch Chart

– Posted in: Coloring Tools Free Coloring Tools Swatching Pages
Blick Studio Brush Markers

Download this free Blick Studio Brush Markers 96 Swatch Chart! Contains all 96 of the colors currently available in the Blick Studio Brush Marker line, 36 colors to a page. All of the marker names and numbers are pre-printed below the swatching segments! If you like my drawings, please follow me socially: FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE | PINTEREST | GOOGLE+

Special Workshop | Coloring Workout (Part 1)

– Posted in: Coloring Workshops Archive
Coloring Workout Week 1

Coloring Workout Week 1: We will be exercising some of the coloring skills we have learned during our 2019 workshops. So put on your workout clothes, stretch those hand muscles and get ready for an awesome coloring workout! Items Needed to Follow Along: Floral Frame: Pencil, eraser, ruler and black alcohol marker for lettering.

Download New Year’s Coloring Pages

– Posted in: Coloring
New Year's Gnome Couple

I hope everyone is enjoying a colorful holiday season. I have been drawing a few last coloring pages for 2019 and thinking back on all the events and accomplishments of the year. Most of all, I am proud of each of you and the progress we've made individually and as a community. We have some