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Jennifer Stay

Skin Tones Practice Worksheet

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Skin Tones Practice Worksheet

I created this worksheet to help you practice coloring skin tones. I would recommend printing it onto paper that best matches the coloring medium you plan to use, such as colored pencils, markers or mixed media. Here is a link to download my Prismacolor Premier Skin Tone Colored Pencils worksheet: If you like my drawings, please

Coloring Workshop | Week 2 | How to Get Beautiful Colored Pencil Blends

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Coloring Workshop Week 2

Video can also be watched in our Bliss Partners Facebook group here: RECOMMENDED TOOLS: See the list below for items you may want to bring to the workshop. Note that if you don't have all the items listed, that's okay–you will still learn a lot. Colored Pencils Pencil Sharpener Vellum Cardstock Odorless Mineral Spirits

January 2019 | Coloring Workshops | Colored Pencils

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January 2019 Coloring Workshops - Colored Pencils

To kick off our new Bliss Partner membership level we decided to focus on one of Jennifer's favorite coloring tools–colored pencils. Each workshop in January focuses on a colored pencil coloring topic to help you improve your colored pencil skills! Week 1 focused on how to analyze and compare your colored pencil collections. Which

What is the Softest Colored Pencil?

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What are the softest colored pencils?

I tested over 40 different colored pencils to figure out which one was the softest! There were definitely some surprises. For example, Pelikan made it into the top 13, while Caran D'ache Luminance was towards the bottom! But as I pointed out in the video, softness is only one of many different factors that make