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My Art Studio Tour 2018

My Art Studio Tour

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Join me for one of my most requested videos–a tour of my art studio! It actually turned into three videos. Part 1 is a quick overview of my studio space–where both Steve and I work day to day. Part 2 is an in-depth studio tour where I open every drawer, every door and show you every nook and cranny of my studio. And Part 3 shows you my informal art setup that I use in my Family Room. I hope you enjoy these videos and let me know in the comments below if there’s anything else you’d like to see.

Part 1: Art Studio Overview

See how my studio is laid out, the furniture used, the lighting and camera setup for my videos, where Steve works and more!




Part 2: In-Depth Art Studio Tour

Watch this in-depth video if you want to see nearly every detail of my studio–every colored pencil, marker and gel pen that I own and how I organize and store them. See where I store my ink and watercolor products, and even where Rose sleeps while I work.



Harbor Freight 12 in. Four Tray Revolving Storage:

Blick Studio Markers & General’s Factis Magic Black Eraser:


Coloring Bliss Print Shop:

Colored Pencils Reviews:

Lettering Resources:

Part 3: Family Room Art Setup

See how I have setup a mini art studio in my Family Room for sketching, coloring and relaxing. This is where I work when I need to be a bit more comfortable, or if I want to be doing art while near my family or watching TV. It’s also where I do most of my coloring page drawing on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.



Fabric Organizer



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