My Art Studio Tour

Join me for one of my most requested videos–a tour of my art studio! It actually turned into three videos. Part 1 is a quick overview of my studio space–where both Steve and I work day to day. Part 2 is an in-depth studio tour where I open every drawer, every door and show you every nook and cranny of my studio. And Part 3 shows you my informal art setup that I use in my Family Room. I hope you enjoy these videos and let me know in the comments below if there’s anything else you’d like to see.

Part 1: Art Studio Overview

See how my studio is laid out, the furniture used, the lighting and camera setup for my videos, where Steve works and more!




Part 2: In-Depth Art Studio Tour

Watch this in-depth video if you want to see nearly every detail of my studio–every colored pencil, marker and gel pen that I own and how I organize and store them. See where I store my ink and watercolor products, and even where Rose sleeps while I work.



Harbor Freight 12 in. Four Tray Revolving Storage:

Blick Studio Markers & General’s Factis Magic Black Eraser:


Coloring Bliss Print Shop:

Colored Pencils Reviews:

Lettering Resources:

Part 3: Family Room Art Setup

See how I have setup a mini art studio in my Family Room for sketching, coloring and relaxing. This is where I work when I need to be a bit more comfortable, or if I want to be doing art while near my family or watching TV. It’s also where I do most of my coloring page drawing on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.



Fabric Organizer



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  • Linda May 6, 2018 @ 16:55

    I really enjoyed the videos, especially the 2nd video with Rose getting her bed just right, her comments were hilarious.

  • Sandra Knecht Jun 5, 2018 @ 16:27

    I’m wore out just watching you. You look amazing for being so ill. Thank you for the videos. I enjoyed them. Do watch your health more.

  • Mike Kelley Jun 8, 2018 @ 7:07

    Loved the studio tour! Just started coloring and bible journaling and yes i am a guy! Thanks to you and Steve’s inspiration!

  • Cherie Palmer Jul 2, 2018 @ 17:27

    I loved watching how you organized your studio! Thank you for sharing your artistic adventure with us and being so inspiring! I’m learning so much!!

  • jeanmarie moore Jul 8, 2018 @ 4:22

    You inspire me in so many ways! I too am chronically ill and I just learn so much from you.

  • Lisa Petersen Jan 29, 2020 @ 4:48

    I thoroughly enjoyed your 3-part video!

  • Mandy Jul 16, 2020 @ 14:31

    I just discovered you and thank you for all you do!
    You mentioned in your family room studio tour that on the blog you would post the dimensions of your pressed board lap desk but I don’t see them. Wondering if you might share those with me?
    Thank you so much~

  • Judith Feb 14, 2021 @ 1:50

    Thank you so much. What a kind , generous & wonderful person you are. I watched the tour, pt 1-3 all in a row after watching the Arteza colored pencil review, I came across.
    I was riveted to the screen. It was so much fun & so well done. You have a created a dream studio!
    I too am chronically ill due to heart disease & had to take care of my mother since I was in grade school.
    I will now watch all your videos.
    Your positive attitude is infectious & it probably helping your condition.

    I don’t do social media. A few yrs. ago someone created a facebook page in my name- you could see everything in my computer. I was so horrified, I began deleting stuff off my computer until someone who knew how to fix it so that no one can see anything made it safer. I can’t get rid of it, & never would have created one myself.
    I left feedback only once yrs. ago when my 97 yr. old father-in-law was interviewed on TV & it was posted on youtube. Other than that I keep to myself. I am always searching for videos on art and am so happy to have found yours!

  • Ofelia Apr 9, 2022 @ 19:25

    I am looking for the measurements o the lap board. My husband is more than willing to make it for me, but he wants real measurements, not well about here to about here. Please help, I also am chronically ill & that’s the best place besides our bed that I can be comfortable. I love your Videos they are such an inspiration!

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