Learn the 36 Most Important Prismacolor Colors and Why You Don’t Need All the Others!

Did you know that large pencil sets are the reason many adult colorists quit?

Imagine this…

You’re headed out to a family reunion…and even though you adore Aunt Gertrude, you know that she is going to talk your ear off with tales of her latest surgeries. So you think to yourself “I should color” while spending precious time with Auntie.

Aunt Gertrude

So you pack up your new coloring book and go about trying to pick some colors from your massive set of 150 Prismacolor Premier colored pencils. But what colors should you pick? There are so many delicious colors to choose from that you get stuck not knowing what to bring!

What should you do?

Grab the 36 Most Important Colors!

Did you know that there are 36 Prismacolor colors that can help you in nearly EVERY coloring scenario? You can pack these 36 colors into a small case or Niji roll, throw them in your bag, and have them with you everywhere you go. Now you’re ready for ANY coloring “emergency”!

“I color with only these 36 colors 90% of the time.”
-Jennifer Stay


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  • Hand Picked by Jennifer and Steve Stay of Coloring Bliss–which means you know you are getting solid advice from experienced color picking experts!
  • Includes light, medium, and dark colors based on the artists color wheel–giving you plenty of colors to handle nearly every coloring situation.
  • Guaranteed to give you beautiful color blends!
  • These are the same colors that Jennifer keeps in her purse and takes with her everywhere she goes!
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Swatch Chart


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