14-Day Coloring Objects Challenge

Join us for a fun 14-Day coloring objects challenge! Watch the videos below and post your finished pieces in our Coloring Pages Bliss Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ColoringPagesBliss/

Premium Coloring Page (020-PW-D001)
Free for a Limited Time!

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“Free Bliss” Level or Higher Required.

Artist: Jennifer Stay

Coloring Page Information

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8 comments… add one
  • Sharon Estes Mar 19, 2020 @ 15:27

    This free 14 day work sheet was very difficult to download to my iPad. I hope I am doing it right by Dropbox. Now to get it printed. Really enjoy the videos

  • April Nelson Mar 11, 2021 @ 2:07

    You are so well informed and so good at explaining things! Thanks so much!

  • Marion Kelsey Oct 17, 2021 @ 9:39

    This is Marion Kelsey…
    Love these downloads.
    Thankyou so much. All. These new explanations are wonderful where things are. Can’t thankyou enough for ALL your videos too. I watch every one every Wednesday at 7 PM from Canada.

  • RUTH FIGUEROA Jan 7, 2022 @ 20:33

    I watch your channel every week, learn more and more each time. Thought it would be a good idea to get some of the freebies you offer. Thank you so very much for all that you and Steve do for us all your subscribers.

  • Mary Salling Jul 18, 2022 @ 19:13

    I’ve been watching you for a while but just now found your web page. Grateful for all you do for the crafters out there. Just now seriously learning to use alcohol markers, watercolor, watercolor pencils, and just pencils. The information you give to us is priceless. Thanks for helping us lefties color more comfortably.

  • Evelyn Santiago Sep 6, 2022 @ 20:28

    Been watching your channel and just subscribed to the web page. Nice , I am learning a lot on how to do different things. I’m new to the art community and teaching myself how to draw and all the different techniques are great for beginners like myself. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of your viewers like me!

  • Malika Ann Noyez Sep 30, 2022 @ 2:31

    Oh lord, I thought you were still in the pandemic… then I realized when I watch the comments that this is a video from a while back. I hope the pandemic is also over for you guys… here life is normal again apart that we still have to wear masks on public transport and when we have doctors visits.
    Now we have the war with Russia that is keeping us busy. I dont know where the world is going… when heads of countries start behaving stupidly. What van we do about it. Right… retreat and start doing art… and enjoying the small things of live. Like family and friends. And don’t think to much about the stuff we can’t change anyway…
    Thanks for the pages. I sure gonna take advantage of it. Even I am doing inktober. So yes. Thank you…

  • Bonnie Wilkins May 3, 2024 @ 20:52

    Thanks you! Glad to have these to try different techniques with. Love your channel!

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